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Summer Marketing Ideas: Holidays and Observances

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Holidays and Observancesby Adele Jackson

Last week we talked about seasonal marketing strategies for drumming up business in summer and I encouraged you to think about what’s on the mind of your customers to create your summer marketing plan. Well, today’s post goes perfectly with that. Holidays and observances are a great way to tap into what’s happening in your customers’ lives. Some holidays are widely celebrated and some observances are a bit quirky and fun. Either way, they can all be great for blog post ideas, creating product promotions and more.

Here is a handy list of holidays and observances in summer. While some of these may have already passed for this year, print this post out or bookmark it, so you can reference it every year.

July Holidays

1st – Canada Day
4th – Independence Day (United States)

Hot Dog MonthObservances:

Hot Dog Month
Vehicle Theft Prevention Month
Social Wellness Month
Family Reunion Month
7th – Global Forgiveness Day
11th – World Population Day
11th – Cheer up the Lonely Day
15th – Ice Cream Day
3rd Monday – Get out of the Doghouse Day
2nd week – Freedom Appreciation Week

August Holidays

1st Monday – Provincial holiday in Canada, excluding Quebec


Watermelon DayNational Smile Month
1st Week – World Breastfeeding Week
1st Week – Simplify Your Life Week
3rd – Watermelon Day
6th – Fresh Breath Day
8th – Happiness Happens Day
9th – International Day of the World’s Indigenous People
12th – International Youth Day
13th – International Left Handers Day
25th – Kiss and Make up Day

September Holidays

1st Monday – Labor Day (United States, Canada)
11th – Patriot Day (United States)
Sunday after Labor Day – Grandparent’s Day (United States)
17th – Constitution Day (United States)


National Arthritis Month
Ovarian Cancer Month
Self-Improvement Month
National Courtesy Month
13th – Positive Thinking Day
19th – Talk Like a Pirate Day (We have many friend’s who celebrate this one! -Rick)

You don’t just have to go with observances already established…make your own! What fun observance can you do that relates to your video’s topic, your industry, or something your customers would like?

Are you a life coach? What about Live Your Dream Day? Produce and sell Salsa dancing videos? How about Hot Salsa Dancing Night? Or your video is related to fitness like the Dave Sheahan Home Workout System? Summer is perfect for having a Move Your Tuckus Day or National Veggie Burger Day.

Get creative and have fun with it. Think of how you can use these holidays for your social media updates, videos, blog posts, product promotions, email newsletters and more.

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