Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sound Control Made Easy With WhisperRoom™

Recording sound or narration that is clean can be tricky in your home studio. You probably don’t realize until after you listen to it that there is a lot of ambient noise your mic picks up but your ears disregard. There are ways you can control this and get cleaner sound.

One option we highlighted in an earlier post we wrote about why and how to get clean sound was the WhisperRoom™. We ran into them again at NAB and I went into the booth with Debbie Sweany and shot this short video. Kim shot it from outside so that you can get an idea of how much activity was happening around us and yet hear how well it isolates the sound inside.

(If you’re unable to watch the video on this page, go to YouTube to view it.)

There are other less expensive options available to you but if you have the budget and the space, adding a sound isolation booth like this would be a big step up in recording clean audio. I sure wish I had one.

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