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Zacuto Gives iPhone Smooth Moves

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Zacuto was one of the most popular booths at NAB this past April

We were invited to the party they threw at the booth and besides having a good time, we shot some footage showing you how the Zgrip iPhone Jr grip worked and also some of the other cool accessories they have.

In the video, you’ll see some of the ways their gear is being used on the DSLR and other video cameras.

(If you’re unable to watch the video on this page, go to YouTube to view it.)

Now…I’ll warn you…they were serving some good wine so …. well you’ll see what I mean in the video.


Zacuto’s Zgrip iPhone Jr.

How to Outsource on a Budget

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How to outsource on a budget? Read on…by Adele Jackson
High Efficiency Light Bulb

If there’s been a common theme to my guest posts here, it’s that you need to outsource. Trying to perform each specific task for your business works against your productivity for many reasons.

Here are just a few of those reasons:

Performing small tasks gives you less time to do more important business building activities like planning and marketing your business.

Doing the job of several people (admin assistant, bookkeeper, accountant, marketing manager and more) means it’s difficult to do any one thing well.

They aren’t employees, so you don’t have to pay salary or benefits. Plus, they work from their own home or office, so they don’t need to come to your place of work.

To decide what you should outsource, consider a few things:

What necessary tasks drag you away from business building activities? For example, answering emails and performing customer support are usually the first things that I recommend people outsource. They are important tasks, but they can be a distraction from actually growing one’s business and are skills easily found in outsourced workers. One of the best companies we’ve found to find these types of skills is oDesk.

What tasks do you really not enjoy doing? You will always be more productive in your business if you focus on the things you like to do. If you don’t like writing articles, hire a writer to write them. If you don’t like crunching numbers or doing taxes, hire an accountant or bookkeeper.

What tasks are you unable to do for your business? If you don’t know how to make graphics or do programming for your business, hire the appropriate people. Sometimes the learning curve required just results in frustration and it’s simply easier to have someone else take care of those details. Some of those harder tasks are things you may learn over time, but there’s no sense in stressing yourself out and slowing down your progress because you’re trying to do everything yourself.

If you consider your hourly worth, which tasks could you hire someone to do more cheaply? Many of us do work that greatly reduces our hourly worth in our business. If you focused only on high level tasks (like email marketing, planning and other marketing tasks), what would your hourly worth be? Probably a lot higher than it is now. If you put your hourly worth at $25, $50 or $75 per hour and you can hire someone to do tasks at a lower rate than that, you should probably hire them.

BudgetAgain, there’s no need to jump in over your head and hire people to do everything you don’t like or can’t do, but you’ve got to make a small start. Just hiring an assistant to answer emails for 2 hours per week will free you up like you wouldn’t imagine.

Yes obviously, you’ll get an extra 2 hours per week – but email is a huge distraction and taking that off your to do list means you can be far more focused on everything else. Once you see the results of your first hire, begin to outsource a bit more at a time.

Keep it going and keep growing.

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Sound Control Made Easy With WhisperRoom™

Recording sound or narration that is clean can be tricky in your home studio. You probably don’t realize until after you listen to it that there is a lot of ambient noise your mic picks up but your ears disregard. There are ways you can control this and get cleaner sound.

One option we highlighted in an earlier post we wrote about why and how to get clean sound was the WhisperRoom™. We ran into them again at NAB and I went into the booth with Debbie Sweany and shot this short video. Kim shot it from outside so that you can get an idea of how much activity was happening around us and yet hear how well it isolates the sound inside.

(If you’re unable to watch the video on this page, go to YouTube to view it.)

There are other less expensive options available to you but if you have the budget and the space, adding a sound isolation booth like this would be a big step up in recording clean audio. I sure wish I had one.

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