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Home Video Studio: Cameras I Recommend

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Key to your home video studio set up is, of course, your camera. Investing in a camera can be inexpensive or as expensive as you want.

For many people a “professional” camcorder is too complex and expensive, and is overkill. More and more these days I find myself using relatively inexpensive “consumer” level cameras and find the quality excellent and totally acceptable for any type of job.

Since audio is very important, you’ll want to find a camera that lets you plug in an external microphone or at the very least, one that can get an adapter so you can use an external microphone. You can get microphones and adapters now for your iPhone.

I recommend going to and searching on the Canon VIXIA line. Look at the price ranges. Some are as low as $300. Most of the ones at the lower end will work just fine.

Summer is the time that many retailers and companies put them on sale. For example, I received notice from Amazon this week that Canon has some great sales right now (specifically on some of the cameras I own and recommend), so if you are in the market, now is a great time to pick up a camera and save some money.

For example, the Canon Vixia HF R300 (pictured) which normally sells for $349 is reduced to $297.00 at I have one of these myself and like it very much.

Stepping it up a notch, the Canon VIXIA HF R32, a sweet little camera that is Wi-Fi enabled, is reduced from $549 to $467.28. Nice.

On the higher end, the Canon VIXIA HF G10, normally $1499, is reduced to $1239.00. I also own this camera and am extremely pleased with it.

That’s a wide range of prices, all at big savings, and should fit the needs of just about anyone.

You’ll always want to get extra batteries and if you are recording to an SDHC card, get a Class 10 card. If you get a 32 GB card  you’ll be able to record almost 3 hours at the highest quality (you probably don’t need to record that high) and much longer at reduced resolution.

The classic Kodak Zi8 would work really well but now that Kodak has discontinued making them the price has soared to over $400. A few months ago you could pick them up for $39.00! For that price, I’d look at the Canon Vixias.

B&H is also a great place to find deals and rebates on cameras.

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2 Responses to “Home Video Studio: Cameras I Recommend”
  1. Rick says:


    and for a DSLR camera for HD video? Canon 60D for the money? I have the T2i but have read that the 60D is a great choice. Would like to hear your thoughts.


    • Rick Smith says:

      Hi Rick,

      Between the T2i and the 60D, I’d go for the 60D. I bought my T2i right before Canon came out with the 60D and regretted buying so soon.



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