Sunday, January 21, 2018

Teleprompters For Your iPad: ProPrompter Overview

Teleprompters that use your iPad and iPhone make your job that much easier.

Last week I shared a quick video look at one of the best teleprompters I saw at NAB for the iPhone and iPad, ProPrompter. As promised, I interviewed Peter White, Director of Sales & Marketing for Bodelin (makers of the ProPrompter) sharing a more extensive overview of this teleprompter with you.

Over the 10 minutes, you’ll:

  • find out how to work with the prompter when wireless connections aren’t working;
  • see their run-and-gun set up (you can be set up to your teleprompter and be shooting within minutes!);
  • and discover their solution for using the software on your iPad WITHOUT much investment.

(If for some reason you weren’t able to watch this video on this page, click here to watch it on YouTube.)

For our studio, the ZaPrompt Telmax OS-15 works fine but for many reasons, using one with an iPad or iPhone set up, like the ProPrompter teleprompter, is a definite option you want to consider if you’re looking into adding a teleprompter to the mix.

My Recommendations:

ProPrompter HDi Pro2 Teleprompter for iPad & iPad 2 – Available at B&H

ProPrompter iPad Bracket – Available at B&H


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