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PluralEyes® & Presto – A Review From NAB Floor

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Last year we discovered PluralEyes® by Singular Software at NAB and thought it was the answer for multi-camera shooting.

We used PluralEyes® for a 42 series video program we produced last year and while there were some hiccups, it really did save ourselves days of tedius editing. I calculate it shaved off a good month in editing time.

At NAB this year, we revisited the booth and shot this short 3 minute video. Singular Software has also come out with Presto. If you shoot PowerPoint presentations, you’ll want to watch this video and see what Presto can do for you.

I talk about:

– Why PluralEyes® works so well;

– What Presto does;

– How you can use Presto to save you time and make your videos look great!

(If you’re unable to watch the video on this page, go to YouTube to view it.)

PluralEyes® and Presto are available for many editing programs. You can try also try them free to see how they may work for you.


2 Responses to “PluralEyes® & Presto – A Review From NAB Floor”
  1. Timothy Lenz says:

    I really enjoy your tips and look forward to them each week. A question I have concerns your videos. Do you purposely edit out the controls at the bottom of the video? If I want to pause it or cancel it at some point I cannot do it because the controls are not there. Could you clarify this for me? Thank you.

    • Kim R Miller says:


      I don’t “edit” out the controls, I just don’t show them. All you have to do is click on the video to watch, then you can click to pause.

      Let me know if that works for you.



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