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How To Use Social Media: Want To Get Found? Get On Google+

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Much of what I shared in earlier posts about how to use social media, specifically Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, can apply to Google+ as well.

But there is one additional element Google+ has over the others and that is natural search.

Google intends to leverage social media even more in search results, so my take on it is that what your company is saying on Google+ will probably end up in Google’s natural search results.

I’ve already seen that happening.

When I am signed into my Google account and do a natural search, people from my Google+ circles show up higher in my results than if I am not signed in. There’s another powerful reason you want to add your target market into your Google+ circles – you want them to follow you back so that when they go looking for information within your industry, you’re profile and site will likely show up if you have optimized it.

Marketing campaign content can be leveraged in different ways across your social platforms. Besides getting active with it, the most important thing to know about how to use social media is to try to keep things consistent while also leveraging the interesting ways each network can publish a message. It doesn’t matter where your prospect, client or customer is – your company’s message will come across in the way it is best received.

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