Sunday, January 21, 2018

Teleprompter On The Go? Look No Further Than Your iPhone!

Teleprompters are a great way to deliver a lot of information on-camera, keep you on track and make your shooting more efficient. And now, with the ability to use your iPhone and iPad, you can have a teleprompter anywhere you go!

When I was at the NAB Show, I was able to get a good look at one of the best teleprompters for the iPhone and iPad, ProPrompter. To be honest, until that day, I had never seen one in action and I was impressed. I also discovered there are other good reasons to consider using your iPhone, with the downloadable teleprompter app, besides the fact that you can take it anywhere.

I shot this short video on the exhibition floor and show you:

  • how the ProPrompter works, and
  • why it is better than a larger teleprompter for delivering your lines more naturally.

(If for some reason you weren’t able to watch this video on this page, click here to watch it on YouTube.)

Isn’t that a cool set-up? Although we like our ZaPrompt Telmax OS-15 and use it extensively, this ProPrompter teleprompter is definitely on our “must have” list. In our next post, you’ll meet Peter White of ProPrompter, who goes into much more detail about his products and the gadgets they have available to truly make this a versatile piece of equipment.


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