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Stock Agency – Add That Extra Something To Make Your Videos Stand Out

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A stock agency like Pond5 is a great place to find that added extra something that will make your videos stand out – be it images, footage or music. We use them extensively in almost every project we do. When we were looking for a clip of a cozy fireplace, we found exactly what we were looking for at one we use and recommend, Pond5. We’ve been able to add that clip to more than one video too.

Last week I shared a video about how you can offer your footage for sale through a stock agency but today I’m discussing buying stock media.

I shot this short video while I was visiting Pond5‘s booth at NAB in April where I talk about:

  • What type of media Pond5 sells;
  • How affordable they are;
  • What type of license they sell, i.e., you’ll see why that makes it that more affordable to buy rather than shoot it yourself.

(If for some reason you weren’t able to watch this video on this page, click here to watch it on YouTube.)

If you need b-roll, music, graphics or images, Pond5 is worth a look.


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