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How To Use Social Media: 3 Ways To Successfully Market On Twitter

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In discussions I’ve had regarding social media, when the conversation turns to Twitter, many marketer friends categorically dismiss this channel and say that it doesn’t work for them at all and is a waste of time. When I dig further, I usually find that they really haven’t understood it or used it as effectively as they could. In many ways, I think that it’s a matter of the 140 character limit and not knowing how to find their market and engage with them that trips them up.

Twitter is a great social media network suited to both consumer and B-to-B brands. It can be used very successfully for customer service, marketing, engagement, branding and combinations of all of the above.

Over 100 million people use Twitter and with over half of those people logging in every day, that’s a big potential reach you’re missing out on if you don’t take the time to check Twitter out. And there are so many tools that help you automate it.

Here are 3 ways you can leverage the power of Twitter:

Have a strategy

Before you engage in any social media channel, you need to have a strategy determined first. But with Twitter, it seems more important. Will you be using it for marketing, customer service or branding? It is okay to have more than one Twitter account (one for customer service, marketing, education, etc.) and doing so will help make sure messages are relevant for each account.

Be ready to respond

This means monitoring each account you set up and responding quickly to people who engage with you or send you direct messages. More and more people are looking to Twitter to circumvent slower acting support desks to get immediate answers. For example, every time our web host goes down for a significant time, I’m on Twitter to find out if there’s a problem or is my case an isolated event.

Engage in the channel

I can’t stress engagement enough. I see so many marketers just blast out their marketing message on the Twitter stream and then get disappointed that they don’t see the traffic back to their site or opt-ins or sales. As I talked earlier about engaging on Facebook, you have to build relationships to really see your marketing efforts pay off. Otherwise it’s like you’re that street corner paperboy hawking papers as the crowd rushes by.

Find out what your market is tweeting about and join the conversation. As in Facebook, ask questions, use Hashtags (more on that next week), conduct surveys and do it consistently and often.

As you learn how to use social media more effectively, you’ll want to take advantage of all the tools that have been developed to make it easier and more manageable.

Our two favorites are HootSuite and SocialOomph. Next week I’ll continue with how I use these tools to only spend a short time each day marketing my business on Twitter. I’ll also share with you some tricks and tips to get quality engagement and more success for your efforts.

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