Sunday, January 21, 2018

Go Pro Camera Review – GoPro Hero2 – Better Than Ever!

The GoPro booth at NAB was busy every time we walked by – with good reason! This little camera is still taking the world by storm. If you’ve ever wondered how some of that extreme footage was shot on your favorite reality show, most likely they were using the tiny little GoPro Hero.

The really cool thing is that they are so affordable…and versatile. And the new Go Pro Hero2 camera is out…at the same price as the previous model.

Watch this short 3 minute video to see why we can’t wait to get our hands on the new GoPro.

You’ll see:

  • How these cameras are being used outside of the extreme sports world…Hint: you don’t have to be a daredevil to benefit from owning one.
  • Why you get such good footage…good enough for broadcast television.
  • What really cool features will be available in the summer of 2012.

(If you aren’t able to see the video, you can go to YouTube and watch it there.)

Once we get ours, we’ll be shooting a lot of cool stuff we’ll share with you. I even may take it out for a spin on my mountain bike or put my shingle out to do aerial footage.

What else should we do with our new GoPro? Add your idea below! We’ll give it a try and share the results.


GoPro Hero2 – $299

GoPro Tripod Mount – $7.95

GoPro Chest Mount Harness – $39.95

Wi-Fi BacPac™ + Wi-Fi Remote Combo Kit – available summer 2012


14 Responses to “Go Pro Camera Review – GoPro Hero2 – Better Than Ever!”
  1. Bert says:

    I just shot a Blessing by Monks in a Buddhist Temple in Oudong, Cambodia. Had it mounted to my Chesty. Great video of Jasmine Flowers being tossed my way and bouncing off the lens. The Chesty mount did break on me though while crawling though a VC bunker, I’ll see what GoPro will do.

  2. Frank says:


    Do you know if there is any difference between the 2011 version and the 2012 version of the GoPro Hero 2?

    • Kim R Miller says:

      There is a big difference between the Hero HD and the Hero 2. It can go up to 120 frames per second, it has a glass lens instead of a plastic lens, it will be able to deal with wifi (with the optional wifi unit), easier to use LCD interface…for more, check out the site at

      We just got ours from the UPS man so stay tuned for some future videos on it.

  3. Michael King says:

    Well? how much you sellin last years model? Looks like you 2 had FUN!

    Liked your comment about the airport security Rick! Mike

  4. rusty zane says:

    I bought one with this year’s tax return, and am totally in love! I’m still figuring things out, but it’s so much fun. I sent it with my husband when he went on tour with his band, and he got some really great “drum-cam” footage. More to come . . . .

  5. Samson Sunday says:

    I have Gopro hero 3 second hand for sell if you are interesting you can contact me thank you.




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