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Facebook Page: 1 Untapped Method For Getting Tons Of Genuine “Likes” Instantly

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Last year while we were on Mike Filsaime’s Marketers Cruise, we met Dereck Celis. He particularly caught our attention since he was constantly shooting videos so we naturally gravitated to each other. This past January we joined up with him again on the cruise and were happy to see he was still actively shooting video. Dereck is an huge advocate of attraction marketing and a committed and savvy entrepreneur who also loves to discover and share cool apps, tools and resources. While on the cruise he shared with me a really unique method to pick up tons of new “Likes” and fans in Facebook.

He graciously agreed to get on camera and let us pick his brain a little about what he does, how he uses video in his business and his trick to getting those “likes” on Facebook.

Dereck is an internet marketer, entrepreneur and mentor whose is growing his online business and presence while helping others to do the same. He’s also a fellow member of our Millionaire Mastermind group, an association founded by our associate Dave Sheahan of international entrepreneurs who meet weekly for sharing and accountability calls. I highly recommend you check out his site at


5 Responses to “Facebook Page: 1 Untapped Method For Getting Tons Of Genuine “Likes” Instantly”
  1. Rick says:

    how do you find unclaimed facebook pages and how do you claim them?



    • Kim R Miller says:

      You can find pages by doing a search within Facebook on the keywords to find pages you may be interested in claiming. Dereck will be posting a video on how to claim them and will hop on here and let us know when that is available.

  2. How do you find these unclaimed pages?That wasn’t clear to me. Very interesting!

  3. Kim R Miller says:

    Dereck just posted a follow up video on how you find and claim those pages.

    Check it out here…



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