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External Microphone: Audio Cables I Recommend

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Kim posted a video on why we’ve been using handheld mics lately to get good audio in noisy situations. We’ve been doing a lot of on-the-run interviews and they’re perfect for that kind of situation, plus I like the “reporter on the go” look. When you want to do a quick interview, like at NAB where we’ll be next month, it’s the solution.

I don’t have a wireless transmitter for my handheld mics, so I still use a cable to connect my mic to my camera. One advantage of that is that I don’t have to worry about electrical interference like with a radio mic. I get a good, clean signal. The disadvantage is the cable can be a bit cumbersome and people, myself included, can trip over it. I’ve found a cable I really like and I’ll tell you why in today’s video.

So take a minute and watch and if you’re looking for a cable such as this, you’ll see why I recommend it.


XLR Male to XLR Female Yellow Microphone Cables – These are the ones I show in my video. Retails for under $18 at



2 Responses to “External Microphone: Audio Cables I Recommend”
  1. Joan says:

    I love it when you not only give me good information on basic products at low cost but also give us a link through which to purchase them. Keep up the good work.

    • Rick Smith says:


      Thanks for the feedback. We’re glad to know we’re giving good information and helping people. We’ll be heading to NAB next month to scout out more good stuff to share.



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