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The NAB Show: 4 Good Reasons To Attend

The NAB Show is coming in a couple of weeks! Here are 4 reasons you should attend.

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas is a few weeks away and if you are still on the fence about attending, here’s what we shared in a post from April 2011 that remains just as relevant today. Björgvin Benediktsson, the owner of the Audio Issues blog, offers 4 great “persuasions and justifications” to spend the money to attend Industry events like the NAB Show.

In case you haven’t been following us, we’re invested in going to conferences and events to help our business. Trade shows, seminars, mastermind groups, bootcamps… we’ve taken advantage of every opportunity we could. We’ve not only found that these types of events are a fantastic way to stay up to date on all that’s happening in the internet marketing industry, but also to network and joint venture with other successful people. It’s great to connect with people via Facebook and Twitter, but even more so in person.

Like Björgvin, I feel there are definitely more pros than cons to attending your industry conferences, but only IF you do it right. “Doing it right” means you have to have a clear idea of how spending this time and money will truly help your bottom line, either by investing in gear you need at trade show discount prices, by connecting with a new partner that will help your business, or simply by learning a few tricks that will increase your value to your customers. What I recommend is to have a plan before you go to the show.

Do you want to go too? Do a Google search for an NAB Exhibit pass and you’ll find many exhibitors offering free passes.

While I love networking with all the online marketers we’ve been meeting lately, it will also be fun to connect with fellow videographers and talk video shop. Plus, as Björgvin states, we’ll get to…

Check Out All the Cool Gear

As he wrote in a post featured on the NAB Show website a few years back, “If these industry events have one thing in common, it’s all the cool gear you can check out. Especially when it’s too expensive and you wouldn’t be able to lay your hands on it anywhere else, it’s there for you to fiddle around with.”

Getting your hands on the gear is just part of the benefit. We’ll also get to…

See All the New Stuff Soon To Be Released Into The Market

“Events like the NAB Show are filled with all the latest gear [I also add software to this mix] from all your favorite manufacturers,” wrote Björgvin. It’s Rick’s favorite kind of window shopping – even better than Samy’s or B&H.

Plus, as I mentioned earlier, you can find special pricing that you can’t get unless you attend the show. We’ve also walked away not only with some cool giveaways but have won a ton of great gear. That’s how we got our hands on our Gorilla Pods and Photoshop CS.

But checking out the new goodies and all the cool gear is really only half of it. It’s also an excellent way to…

Network With Others In Your Field

As Björgvin rightly states, “As with any industry event, there is always a chance to meet and network with like-minded individuals.

In order to do this right, he advises, “Take the chance to start a conversation, network with your industry and get some connections. Nowhere except industry events can you find so many like-minded people like yourself gathered in the same place. Take advantage of it and discuss some entrepreneur ideas.”

You also are…

Exposed To Continued Learning

“There’s always a chance to learn new things in your industry by attending these types of shows,” says Björgvin. Most conferences such as these offer lectures and presentations about all pertinent topics relevant to your niche. Many of these presentations are offered in the exhibit area and are free of charge.

Plus many of the sponsors throw some really fun parties and offer lots of goodies, i.e., accessories, food and drink! One year we scored free tickets to 4 open houses and some great seats for The Blue Man Group. Maybe if we have time, we’ll check out some of what Las Vegas has to offer but if we don’t, we’ll still have fun!

Björgvin Benediktsson is an Icelandic born musician, sound engineer and audio technology writer. He has been playing guitar for over a decade and working in the audio industry since 2006. He is an SAE Alumni from the SAE Institute. For more of his work check out his site at Audio Issues.

How To Claim Your Free Facebook Audience – The Ethical Way

Facebook Likes. You know you want them. Here’s a unique way how to get lots of Facebook likes “instantly!”

Last week I posted a video about a really unique method to pick up tons of new “Likes” and fans in Facebook – a tip my friend and associate, Dereck Celis, shared with me on camera. He had discovered an untapped process that you can try out for yourself on Facebook, that is completely legit and will allow you to “claim” a Facebook audience ready and waiting for you!

In this short video, he explains just how to go about it. Click here to continue reading

Facebook Page: 1 Untapped Method For Getting Tons Of Genuine “Likes” Instantly

March 22, 2012 by  
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Last year while we were on Mike Filsaime’s Marketers Cruise, we met Dereck Celis. He particularly caught our attention since he was constantly shooting videos so we naturally gravitated to each other. This past January we joined up with him again on the cruise and were happy to see he was still actively shooting video. Dereck is an huge advocate of attraction marketing and a committed and savvy entrepreneur who also loves to discover and share cool apps, tools and resources. While on the cruise he shared with me a really unique method to pick up tons of new “Likes” and fans in Facebook.

He graciously agreed to get on camera and let us pick his brain a little about what he does, how he uses video in his business and his trick to getting those “likes” on Facebook.

Dereck is an internet marketer, entrepreneur and mentor whose is growing his online business and presence while helping others to do the same. He’s also a fellow member of our Millionaire Mastermind group, an association founded by our associate Dave Sheahan of international entrepreneurs who meet weekly for sharing and accountability calls. I highly recommend you check out his site at

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