Saturday, February 17, 2018

Web Video Service – One Videographer’s Business Idea

In my last post regarding web video, I shared a profitable business service you can offer to local companies. Here is a video from someone who is doing just that.

Bill Mecca of Mecca Video Pro understands that “Video is THE Marketing tool for business.” Website visitors want “things fast, they want it now.” A focused web marketing video does just that.

He’s put together a One Minute Business Video product for his local area businesses. Check it out to see what he delivers. Can you do the same where you live?



3 Responses to “Web Video Service – One Videographer’s Business Idea”
  1. Bert says:

    Great idea but very discouraging results, 45 total youTube views over 8 months for the example client. Any ideas on how to make to make this a viable business?

    • Rick Smith says:


      Is your question on how to make this a viable business a question on if offering video services would be viable or how to make video marketing services a viable business? What we have found is it isn’t enough that the client knows video is important but they also have to realize that just putting it onto YouTube and doing nothing else won’t cut it. If clients want us to do the video marketing done for them, that will be another whole different service to offer. This article was more about offering your video services to them, not necessarily video marketing services. That is another great subject to cover.

  2. kevin g says:

    great, yes we know video is important for business clients, the million dollar question is HOW to get these customers, I have a website, videos on there but doesnt cover nothing to get new business, I want to know ways how videogrpahers can get new customers!!!
    After all, without customers, theres no business


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