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Web Video: How To Offer Your Services To Local Businesses

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Have you thought about selling your web video expertise to your local businesses? If you have web video production and marketing skills, you can make serious money while helping your local economy. Many small businesses have not adopted web video as a marketing tool and they desperately need to. Sometimes you have to convince them why they need it, but they do. There are many small and medium sized businesses who have not yet caught on to the marketing power of online video.

While on the cruise we take every year, we met several marketers whose business model was helping local businesses establish a web presence so they can get new business and grow. A few of these specifically were targeting web video marketing.

In our area, there is a strong need for video producers to offer web video production services to local businesses and most likely you’ll find the same in your town.

Here are some ideas on how to get started offering this type of service.

Begin With Your Business

Start with your own business. Not only should you have a website, you also should have web video on your site. Include examples so potential clients can see what can be done. Shoot those types of videos for yourself as well. (To build up your sample base, why not offer to do a video for free or as a trade?)

Target a niche 

Find a strong, yet under-served niche in your local area. One niche that clearly benefits from web video is lodging. Restaurants are another great niche.

Have A Web Presence

Find a local business that already has a current, nice looking website but they aren’t incorporating video or aren’t  utilizing it well. A website that looks good probably has a website owner who values this marketing tool and will spend money making it better.

If you feel you have a really interested client with a business that doesn’t have a website yet, consider adding website design to the package as well. You don’t have to be the developer. There are many outsourcing avenues you can use to get websites made very reasonably. “All done for you” is a great package to offer.

Pitch Your Idea

Research what is on their site and come up with some great video ideas to present to the business. Most businesses would benefit from welcome videos, site tours, demos, video sales letters, and video testimonials from happy customers or clients.

Put your marketing hat on to give them an idea of what they need to focus on in the video. Approach it from a problem solving position…what does this company offer that will solve a customer’s problem? Does their target market need a place to eat with vegetarian items on the menu? Are they looking for a dentist that works primarily with children? Do they travel with their dogs so so are looking for a place to stay that welcomes pets? You have to let the target market know the uniqueness of what this business offers from similar businesses in the area.

Outline Your Package

You need to come up with a clear outline of how a video will help them and how you can make it happen. Reread our post on online video marketing for good arguments and powerful statistics on why businesses of all kinds should use web video.

To offer the most benefit, include in your package that you will work with them on a strategic plan and techniques on how they will promote their web video. While having video on their site will boost their page rank, video can be a huge traffic driver from external sites.

Here’s a quirky, fun video we shot for one of our local businesses last month. Hope you enjoy it. If you do please comment and share it.


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  1. joe says:

    Have tried some but most start a conversation then disappear. Do you find then the best prospects have a decent web site already.? Is there any correlation of average sale size and who might be a good candidate to approach.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  2. joe says:

    BTW to get to page and post comments seems might slow, maybe it’s my connection but you might check, comment above took around 24 seconds to show up..


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