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External Microphone Tip: One More Reason To Go Handheld

Choosing a handheld external microphone definitely has its advantages when you’re shooting in a really loud environment and you don’t want to fiddle with a lavalier mic. But there is another benefit we found to using these types of microphones, especially when shooting in a public area.

You want to know what that advantage is? Check out this really short video tip. (If you can’t see it on this page, go to YouTube to view.)

Then share with us in the comment section below, if you use a handheld microphone and why.

Networking For Profit And Fun

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Networking is the foundation of our culture. Be it a network of moms in the same town sharing their babysitting resources and child raising tips to our founding fathers who wrote our constitution, it is basically a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups who have a common interest. Networks are what enable us to make the world we live in better.

It’s the same with a business network, which is essentially a type of social network whose reason for existing is business activity as its goal – the establishment of a mutually beneficial relationship between members. As we’ve shared so often in our posts, we feel it is an essential business tool.

The beauty of social media and the internet is that you now can build and join in networks of like minded business people all over the globe. You don’t have to rely on standard shake-hands-and-exchange-your-business-card “opportunities”; you can join a Facebook group. We just joined a network of 6 like-minded entrepreneurs from Belgium, London, California and Ireland and we meet once a week over a call. I couldn’t have imagined such a group when I started going to professional networking meetings fresh out of college on my quest for finding a job!

However, nothing does take the place of face-to-face interaction. Most of the people in our new Mastermind group we met on the Mike Filsaime Marketers Cruise. For us, that cruise has been a wonderful place where we’ve learned leading edge marketing strategies, met potential partners and formed true friendships outside of the business world.

The next big networking event for us is NAB Show 2012 where we’ll not only be exposed to the latest gear and technology in the video and audio world, but we’ll be connecting and forging relationships with fellow videographers and filmmakers. We’re especially excited to connect again with our friend, Thomas Roberts and with Den Lennie who we’ll be interviewing for inclusion in our book, Shoot To Sell: Make Money Producing Special Interest Videos.

Whether it’s a conference, trade show or business meeting, you really must get out and connect and learn from others in your industry. If you are interested in attending NAB (which we highly recommend even if you’re a video novice!), you can use code SM08 (letter S, letter M, number zero, number 8) for free exhibits-only access at their site, You can also get  $100 off the SMART Pass, Conference Flex Pass and Post|Production World (no certification) with code SM09 (letter S, letter M, number zero, number 9). We hope to see you at NAB.

External Microphone Tip – Shooting In A Noisy Crowd? Grab One Of These

Here’s an external microphone tip…

Are you going to be shooting videos in a noisy environment? Consider getting the type of external microphone I’m using in this video. Watch my very short clip and you’ll see why we like to pack one of these along when we head on vacation. We want to make sure we have the best tools available when we take advantage of shooting at some cool locations. With mics like these, we can make sure we still get good audio when we shoot video for our marketing campaigns – even if those locations turn out to be really noisy.


Electro-Voice 635A – Dynamic Omnidirectional Mic –  This microphone is ideally suited for film production, recording, FM, AM, and TV broadcasting, and for the more demanding PA applications. Available for $119 at our favorite video store, B&H

(We’ve ordered ours to use when we report from the NAB Show 2012 conference this coming April.)

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