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Video Marketing Plan: 5 Marketing Video Opportunities

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On last year’s cruise, many people took advantage of video marketing opportunities.

We’ve been spending this week not only masterminding and networking, but using the many opportunities this trip presents us to shoot video for our marketing and teaching goals. Before we got on board we didn’t just bring our cameras and equipment, we strategized and came up with a plan for our video shooting.

Following is what we came up with. As you read this, see how you can do the same with your business:

1) Shooting review videos

We’ve carefully chosen our travel gear and we’re taking this opportunity to shoot videos about traveling lightly while still getting great videos. I love gear but I hate traveling with a lot of baggage so this is a real challenge and I’m looking forward it. We’ll be sharing these videos on this blog and our new Special Interest Video Organization site.

Not only will we be on camera, we hope to get other cruisers to share with us their views on not just camera equipment, but other resources to help your business. The people on the cruise are very generous with sharing their most valuable resources and we’re going with open ears and a notepad.

2) Shooting testimonials

Not only are there a few marketers we’ve partnered with on board who we want to get on camera but we are also going to be giving video advice on the cruise and will be asking for testimonials from those individuals as well. Video testimonials are powerful tools for your marketing efforts so always be alert to opportunities to get them. I’ve learned that it never hurts to ask and you’ll probably be amazed how many people say yes.

3) Shooting video and marketing tips

We’re traveling with the cream-of-the-crop of internet marketers and will have unique access to them. One of the great things about this cruise is that we have the ability to meet with and interview these people from all around the world that would otherwise be unreachable. That alone makes the cruise worthwhile. You’ll see a lot of these tips on our YouTube channel.

4) Shooting for B-Roll

As always, when we shoot, even if it’s pretty scenic shots, we have in the back of our minds how we can monetize this…not only in the educational videos we sell but as B-Roll in our web marketing videos.

5) Shooting interviews for our upcoming book and companion website

Many of our fellow cruisers offer videos or video courses for sale. Since we’re going to offer case studies of other individuals who have successfully produced and sold their own videos, this will be a great opportunity to get some of them on camera.

With all of the collaborative videos we’ll be shooting, we will always offer a link back to their website, so it’s a win-win situation.

Our goal is to shoot enough videos to use for the next 6 months or maybe longer! With opportunities like this, there is no good reason not to take advantage and shoot as much as we can.

When we return we’ll have plenty of new information to share with you, and we look forward to doing so. We really appreciate your interest in what we’re doing at and in our upcoming and

This is going to be an exciting year.


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