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Screenr for Screen Capture Video – One Social Media Tool You’ll Want To Check Out

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(We’re still on our annual Mike Filsaime Marketers Cruise and Florida vacation. Here’s an article from Maritza Parra I found when I was doing some research on free screen capture software. For short videos, this software looks pretty good to me. -Kim)

Social Media Marketing is becoming such a way of life for many entrepreneurs that you can hardly keep up with all the new resources. So in an effort to help you keep up, here is a new feature” the “Shiny Social Media Object of the Month.”

Social Media Meets Screen Capture Video

Screen capture software allows you to either take a picture or video of what is on your computer screen. by The Articulate Network advertises itself as “Instant screencasts for Twitter.” It is that and much more.

For years we have used and recommended various screen capture software. Camtasia is one of our most used resources. It’s expensive at $299. CamStudio is an open source download that does screen capture. Screenr combines the power of screen capture with a one click feature to tweet your videos to Twitter. Turn it on, hit record, show something on your screen and talk about it, type a few words about your video, hit “Tweet it!” and you are in business. Screenr works on PC and Mac. The videos play everywhere on the web, including iPhones. There’s a one click feature that sends the video to YouTube too. And best of all, it’s free!

What this means for the consumer puts quality screen capture video within reach for any budget. Did we mention it’s free? It’s most brilliant move is to combine with Twitter in a one click tweet. Copy and paste for Facebook updates or use the “Selective Tweets” app. You can send friends and family quick videos of your life and adventures. We are using it to show friends and family a few photos from our recent wedding. You can use it to show Mom how to Tweet. Show dad how to use his mp3 player. Kids with traveling or military parents can use it to share photos and experiences.

What this means for the small business owner

Screenr ramps up the marketing power of Twitter for the small business owner. How about a quick video of what your self-care offerings for a salon?

  • A review of your eclectic menu for a restaurant?
  • A quick tutorial on how to do something that leads a prospect to your store for the rest of the story.
  • Sneak preview of an upcoming sale.
  • A “Consumers guide to…” video (with your website highlighted as a resource)

We recommend you get your account at today and give it a try.

And to learn much more about how to leverage Social Media Marketing for more prospects and profits in your business, you are invited to visit

From Maritza Parra and the Social Marketing Blueprint.

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  1. So cool it is! It provides me great help when I share my life with my friends. We all love it. Thank you for the introduction and thank Welcome free software!


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