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Web Video: Your Virtual Sales Staff

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Web video is great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but has other marketing benefits besides helping your page rank in search engines or getting traffic to your website.

Video adds value beyond SEO

Videos engage more senses than any other media.

They not only stimulate the senses of your audience, they’re also an important communication tool because each of us takes in information differently. You may learn better by seeing something demonstrated, your child by hearing the steps outlined, and your spouse by reading the information provided on the subject. So in that respect, if you aren’t marketing with video, you’re ignoring a very compelling strategy to reach and connect with your audience.

Web videos also gives your prospects and customers a more personalized online experience that images and text cannot. It brings your visitor closer to the human interaction they get in a brick and mortar shop. With videos, you can guide them to different sections of your website, making the whole experience similar to visiting an actual store.

Additionally, you can give your customer extensive product information through videos. Consumers can see first hand how the product looks and works. Videos provide more information in a short span of time and in an engaging manner. For example, tutorial videos can help consumers learn how to use products and services while other types can help inform shoppers of new products and features. One important way videos can be used is for FAQs.

Ultimately, engaging customers is the key ingredient in marketing, web video goes a long way in building trust and relationships with your customers and prospects. They help create emotional connections between you and the viewer. They show you are a real business run by real people. Since people love the idea of seeing whom they are dealing with, showing who you are via video allays your prospects concerns and makes them more comfortable doing business with you.

Whether your use of a video is to assist, tutor, or entertain, your most important objective as a marketer is to build relationships that will result in trust, loyalty and consequently, increased sales.


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