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Web Video: Improve Your Conversion Rates With Video

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Conversion rates improve dramatically when you use web video in your marketing strategy.

Statistics increasingly show that video and a more personable appearance on your website can dramatically increase conversion rates, i.e., the percentage of visitors who make a purchase, fill out a form, or make a donation.

Showing videos on your website keeps your visitors on there longer which helps your SEO. An added bonus of having your website visitors stay on your site longer is that they will have more exposure to you and your message. And the longer they stay increases the potential they are going to make a purchase.

Internet Retailer states, “… visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not.” Placing a video on your website is like having a sales staff working for you 24/7. Except they have the ability to handle an unlimited amount of customers all at once!

Also online videos increase sales by alleviating doubts in your prospects.

For example, we review and recommend cameras and equipment on this site and include our affiliate links to those products. For a physical product such as a camera, a video demonstrating it can show things to our visitors that simply cannot be conveyed effectively through text. We’ve seen that when we produce and post a demo video, they dramatically increase not only our views, but our traffic and conversions to our opt-ins and click throughs and purchases on our links.

Furthermore, video is now so easy to produce and so quick to install on a website. It is no longer the complicated process it once was just a few short years ago. And as I’ve explained in previous posts, it has shown to be a very, very effective marketing strategy!

With today’s technology, video creation is now within every marketers reach. You are likely carrying around a video camera with the capability of uploading to YouTube with you within your cell phone at this moment! If you haven’t jumped onto the video bandwagon already, you need to put creating video content that is engaging, instructive, unique, and entertaining, high on your list of marketing to-dos.


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