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Web Video: 1 Powerful Reason You Should Be Using Online Video Marketing

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Watching web video is one of the top activities people are doing online these days.

The Pew Research Center recently released a survey results showing 71% of adults who go online watch video. And it isn’t just movies or their favorite TV episodes they are viewing. YouTube has become the 2nd highest ranked site where people are going to search for information…I’ve even seen some reports that claim that YouTube has surpassed Google in the number of searches people do on it every day.

So what are people searching for? Information about products or services!

The Pew survey also found that 78% of people on the internet use it to look for information about a product or service with 71% searching and buying a product online. Shopping is one of the top 5 reasons people go online.

Combine the statistics about YouTube with those from the Pew survey and you get a powerful picture of why using video on the web offers very distinct advantages to those of us who have online businesses.

Let’s look at 1 big reason why web video works so well for your eCommerce sites and why you should be doing online video marketing.

Video is great for SEO!

Although search engine spiders are currently limited in reading much of the video content out there, videos are still incredibly important to your SEO for the following:

1) Visit Length

Visitors are more likely to watch a quick 2 minute video demonstration of your services or product than they are to read a long wall of text. If a visitor is watching a video that lasts for two minutes, they’ll be staying on your website for 2 minutes.

The longer their eyeballs stay on there, the more the search engines feel your site is giving value and will rank it higher.

2) YouTube Is An Authority Site

Secondly, the top video site most of us use to put videos on our site is YouTube which is also viewed as an authority site in Google. Having a backlink from an authority site really enhances your SEO. YouTube is currently enjoying a Google page rank of 9 out of 10! Now that’s a powerful backlink!

Of course, now that Google owns YouTube that rank isn’t that surprising. Not only does having a backlink from an authority site with this high of a page rank help your site’s ranking, Google also rewards users of all the sites it owns as well. So it only makes sense to put your videos on YouTube and give yourself a much better shot at a high search engine as a result.

3) Powerful Traffic Within YouTube

YouTube is also currently ranked on Alexa as the third most visited site on the Internet. The traffic alone within YouTube just from its users is enough to change your initial growth period of a new website. You can literally have a brand new website getting enormous amounts of traffic just minutes after you upload a video with a link back to your site. This happened on a new website called that I created last April and frankly, it blew me away. After I set it up, it ranked at the top of Google. The first eCommerce site I launched back in 2004 took almost 2 years to get a page 1 ranking on Google!

4) Social Media Sharing

Videos can now be easily submitted to social media and social bookmarking sites with the click of a button. So other authority sites such as Facebook, Digg, Twitter, Reddit and Stumbleupon also give your video SEO juice. With the amount of traffic these sites can potentially bring, you could literally turn a fresh website into a cash machine in a matter of days.

5) Universal Search Indexing

Thanks to Google’s Universal Search, which mixes non-link content from a variety of sites that includes videos, the amount of videos being indexed and ranked is climbing fast and furiously. Google’s aim is to provide a more comprehensive searching and information viewing experience for its search engine users, and videos with SEO optimized titles show up well in the organic search engine ranking pages since Google started doing this.

6) New Google Algorithms Reward Content

With the new algorithmic changes on Google, consistently updated and valuable content such as video, has become king. According to Forrester Research, “ increases the chance of a front page Google result by 53 times.” You see video now indexed right away by search engines, as opposed to web pages which can take months to be indexed, especially if your website has a video and an article about the same keyword

7) Video MetaData Is Indexed

Even though the search engine spiders can’t read videos the same way as text, they can read metadata which you can add to your video. In a video, metadata is the itemized information about a file. It’s attached to the file and can include author, keywords, copyright information, media format, file size, people, place, closed captioning and subtitling information, etc. So whenever you copy, email, or publish your video, all its file information or metadata goes with it. So optimize this information as well as you can within the videos to scale your rankings even further!

My feeling is that Google sees videos as high value because people love watching them and Google is invested in having people’s content experience on the web be valuable. As search algorithms evolve and are studied, web video has shown over and over again that it gives searchers value, the type of SEO which search engines appreciate and reward.


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