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Video Gear: Power Squid To The Rescue

December 13, 2011 by  
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A power squid (also called a multiplier) solves this basic electrical outlet supply and demand problem while you’re on a shoot: What do you do when you have 10 devices but only 2 outlets?

In my video, I share with you my solution and…

  • Why they are a great addition to your video gear bag,
  • Where you can find them at a really great price,
  • Why this is the time of year to buy them.

I picked mine up at our local Riteaid drug store. If you aren’t able to find a power squid, I found a source at

Along with my flashlights, gaffers tape and travel tripod, these funny contraptions are must have additions to my video gear bag.


Squid Power Surge Protector – Priced higher than what you may find at your local store, but this comes with the surge protector which is a great addition.


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