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New Years Resolution: Your Goals For 2012

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The New Years resolution – it’s that time of year to make them, although it’s something I do on a regular basis, not just once a year. I love to then go back and see how I did. I have found that the fact of writing them down or publicly stating them like we did last year, spurs me on to take action.

Before we get to 2012, how did we do in 2011 after we sat in front of a camera and publicly stated to you and the world what we had planned?

I had to watch last year’s video to prepare for this post and it actually was a good message and is still relevant now.

Our goals in 2011 were:

  • To market our business more regularly and more consistently

This was one goal we accomplished by sending out more email campaigns. We decided to increase our contact with one of our core lists by doing a weekly email up until the 5 weeks before Christmas when we beefed it up to twice a week, then once a day the week before Christmas. Upshot? Our November and December sales were above last years to the tune of 16%.

We also started sending out broadcasts when we post on this blog. I always appreciate email reminders about new posts from other blogs I subscribe to and thought, hmmm, you may like that as well. I think you did because our readership and traffic is up which feels good. When you spend time researching and writing or making a video, you’d like to have someone read it or view it!

The other great result is that we now have a 4/10 Alexa ranking and have caught the eye of some big names in our industry and have been invited to write for some powerful publications.

  • To get more involved with social media

While Facebook and YouTube are important sites to have a business presence on, Twitter is a bit more mysterious and a site I hear pooh-poohed all the time. Well we are now in the process of writing our book, Shoot To Sell: Make Money Producing And Selling Special Interest Videos, [Focal Press] as a direct result of Twitter. But we don’t just post in Twitter…we also converse as it is in conversations that you build relationships. We also have established relationships with some businesses that now want to advertise on our site. So tweeting can generate serious income too.

Google+ looks to be a new player in the social media arena and we’ve started to get active there as well.

  • To sharpen our axe 

In 2011, we attended a number of  video conferences and weekend bootcamps and joined a mastermind group. It was through those activities that we not only learned and were exposed to some powerful techniques, we also connected with a great new joint venture partner, Dave Sheahan. The result is a new video series entitled Dave Sheahan Home Workout System. Rick and I just completed it last month and we’ve totally changed our bodies and our fitness levels for the better. Rick’s bad cholesterol dropped 30 points and his good cholesterol increased dramatically. Not only am I braving baring my midriff now, my blood pressure is the lowest it’s been in years! (If you’re interested in checking out the program and our videos, you can get access to a free ones here.) Good health is vital to your business success and we highly recommend this program as a way to quickly build strength and stamina and to lose weight. This program has our highest recommendation.

So we not only sharpened our business axe this past year, we gained muscles we never thought we had! Hey, if little ol’ weakling me can dead lift 60 pounds, I can do anything.

  •  To learn to delegate and DO IT

Last year we put this as one of our goals because we found that we had reached a point in our business where we were not going to be  as profitable if we didn’t give up the duties that took up a lot of time without a great return in profit. Well, we didn’t do as well with this goal and did see more of a stagnation in our business during the middle of the year.

We started off the year well with handing over our duplicating business which did free up a lot of time. However, there were other areas we weren’t really able to pass on, one being the editing for the 41 videos we shot for the Dave Sheahan Home Workout System.

We haven’t been able to launch our SIV Academy yet, although we’ve been madly planning and working on it and will have our charter program live the middle of January 2012. That was in part because we joint ventured with Dave which has been a great decision. However, planning, shooting and editing all of the videos in that series took about five months. This is still an area where we struggle and will continue to work on.

  • Take downtime from business.

It’s really important for us to carve out unconnected time especially because we have a publishing deadline LOOMING. It isn’t every day that you get a book deal from one of the largest publishers in the world and you want to do it right.

Again this is an area we need to work on but we’ve gotten better. Last year we even went on a two week trip WITHOUT a computer.

What has worked well for us is to dedicate the time to our exercise program and to step away from the computer after 6pm and for one day on the weekend.

New Years Goals 2012

So taking last year into consideration and looking at our projects in 2012, we decided to do something different for this year.

This year, we’re choosing one word to be the guiding principle for the year. (Thanks to social media guru, Mari Smith for this idea.)

For Rick it is FOCUS. His goal is to work on the most important projects without being sidetracked and distracted by less important issues that pop up. He really wants to avoid the “shiny object syndrome.”

For me, it’s also POSSIBILITIES – as in EXPECTING them to happen in our lives and businesses. But you do need a filtering system which comes down to focus.

Possibilities is what made us joint venture with Dave to make an incredible product that is changing lives. It’s changed ours.

Possibilities is how we came to be having a book out the middle of 2012. I was able to check one more thing off that goal list I wrote back in 1990.

So there you have it: a cold, hard look at how we did in achieving our 2011 resolutions and what we want to accomplish in 2012. By stating them publicly like this it holds our feet to the fire and increases our chances of achieving them. We want to report back to you at the end of 2012 that we made great progress.

How about you? How did you do in 2011? What are your goals in 2012? Be optimistic and dream big. Shoot for the stars – you just might surprise yourself.

Share below and let us know how we can help you in 2012.

Video Gear: Show Some Light On The Subject

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Video light is an often overlooked and confounding aspect to video production to a lot of people. That’s why having a really good low light camera is important.

But in many shooting situations, adding light is what you need to do and you can do it in a pinch fairly inexpensively.

In this video I talk about:

  • Why you need to bring some extra light on a shoot;
  • One inexpensive portable lighting option and where I found it;
  • And why it comes in handy.

Our Video Light Recommendations

Sima Light – Lightweight, inexpensive LED light that is less than $30.

Rotolight RL48-A Interview Kit – A more expensive option, but we saw first hand how nice this light was from Rod Gammons of Rotolight when we were at NAB earlier this year.

What type of portable lighting options have you found? Please share below!


How To Make Great Christmas Videos Revisited

Christmas videos are a great way to capture the day…make sure you’re doing a good job so you’ll enjoy them for years to come.

Last year we made this short 10 minute video on some of our tips and ideas for making your Christmas videos that much better … and watchable! The big event is close at hand again! Maybe you are already with your family or have a houseful of guests today.

If you want to make sure you come away with some great footage that your family and you will enjoy in the years to come, be sure to watch our short video and make the most of your Christmas video opportunities.


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