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Video gear essential? Gaffers tape!

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Video gear essential? Gaffers tape! 

If you’ve been in the video, film and television production industry or have done theater or any other kind of stage work, you know how handy a roll of gaffer’s tape is to a successful production. I always carry a roll in my gear bag as I explain in today’s video.

In this video you’ll find out why:

  • Duct tape is NOT the same thing;
  • What you would use it for;
  • The roll size I recommend.

Named for the gaffer, the head of the lighting department on a film crew, this tape generally costs 3 to 4 times the price of a roll of duct tape but it is an essential part of your video gear bag. Don’t cheap out and use similar looking duct tape; it isn’t the same thing at all.

I’m curious. What’s been the most interesting way you have used gaffers tape? Please share with us!


Permacell Gaffers Tape


2 Responses to “Video gear essential? Gaffers tape!”
  1. Rick says:

    Informative video, Rick. wasn’t familiar with gaffers tape. one question….how does it hold up in wet weather? i need tape to hang christmas lights to my brick exterior and wondered if gaffers tape will adhere ok. last year i used ‘gorilla’ tape and it worked well. Standard duct tape doesn’t adhere well outdoors to brick.



    • Rick Smith says:


      I’ve never tried it on wet surfaces but because it’s meant to be removable, I don’t think it would hold all that well to wet brick.

      You reminded me…it’s time to get the lights out of the storage unit!



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