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Video gear essential? Gaffers tape!

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Video gear essential? Gaffers tape! 

If you’ve been in the video, film and television production industry or have done theater or any other kind of stage work, you know how handy a roll of gaffer’s tape is to a successful production. I always carry a roll in my gear bag as I explain in today’s video.

In this video you’ll find out why:

  • Duct tape is NOT the same thing;
  • What you would use it for;
  • The roll size I recommend.

Named for the gaffer, the head of the lighting department on a film crew, this tape generally costs 3 to 4 times the price of a roll of duct tape but it is an essential part of your video gear bag. Don’t cheap out and use similar looking duct tape; it isn’t the same thing at all.

I’m curious. What’s been the most interesting way you have used gaffers tape? Please share with us!


Permacell Gaffers Tape

Giving Thanks

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Giving thanks will be on many Americans mind tomorrow on Thanksgiving.

One of the reasons Kim and I both love this holiday, besides enjoying a great feast with family and friends, is what it reminds us to express…GRATITUDE.

Last Saturday, as we were enjoying a beautiful afternoon in the wine country where we live on California’s Central Coast, we spent a few moments sharing with each other and giving thanks for all the incredible people in our lives and the wonderful events that happened to us and our business over this past year.

I’d like to share some of them with you.

We give thanks for:

1) You

When we started blogging, we really didn’t know where this would lead or if anyone would even be interested in what we had to say. We actually worried we’d run out of content.

But thanks to you, we have found our voice and a new mission.

It has taken us to new directions in our business and sparked a renewed love of writing. It also has cemented our focus in what we wish to teach and share.

2) Multiple streams of income

Even in these rough economic times, we both love that we have a business with multiple streams of income. When one dries up, you have others to fall back on. For many of us, our business has seasonal cycles where you can’t keep up with your business and others where you’re picking up the phone to make sure it isn’t dead because you haven’t gotten any calls or if you’re like me, checking your websites to make sure your server didn’t go down. If you have steady streams of income, they can get you through the slow times.

That is why I love producing and selling my own special interest videos. The more you have in your product line, the better. This time of year is naturally a big sales season so we like to take full advantage of that in our marketing efforts.

Also because we’ve committed to this blog and our plans on setting up our SIV Organization and SIV Academy, we’ve seen our income become more stable through all of the contacts and customers it has brought us.

Another way we’ve been able to get some nice steady checks is through recommending what we use and like through affiliate marketing.

If that is of interest to you, you’ll want to check out this new book I’ve been reading from Connie Ragen Green, Huge Profits With Affiliate Marketing: How To Build An Online Empire By Recommending What You Love. I’ve been putting into practice many of her suggestions and have been seeing my affiliate income increase.

3) Our renewed commitment to health and fitness

Over the last few months, we’ve both taken huge strides in improving our health and fitness by following Dave Sheahan’s Home Workout System, I have to admit I started the program because we partnered with Dave to produce it (see below), but it wasn’t until the last few weeks of daily workouts that I realized how much this was an investment not only in our health but also our business!

Think about it…if you are a solo entrepreneur or run a small business, your health is your biggest business asset. If you can’t do the work, chances are, your business won’t be able to continue.

Many people don’t treat their health and fitness as an asset until they lose it. Can you imagine treating your tools and equipment the way many of us treat our bodies; by working too much, exercising too little, cheating the sand man and stuffing our faces with fast food?

Doing Dave’s program wasn’t the easiest thing we did this year for sure, but it was one of the most gratifying and life changing. I believe that accepting the challenge of intense physical exercise and learning that we can both do it has renewed our confidence about tackling challenges in all aspects of our lives. Besides, we just feel so much better.

Now I can’t imagine not working out every day. Along with feeling better and having more energy, we look better, too.

4) Incredible partners and business associates we’ve met through networking

Taking Mike Filsaime’s Internet Marketing Cruise a few years ago has led us to some incredible business relationships.

It was through the cruise that we met Larry Loik and through his urging, joined his VIP Mastermind Group which was a huge investment for us. Not only do we receive incredible support, ideas and advice about our business, it was in that group that we met and joint ventured with Dave Sheahan. That alone was worth the investment. It took a leap of faith for us to do this but now, like the workout system, programs like this will continue to be part of our future.

5) Being able to invest in equipment and training

You need good tools to do a professional job and this year we invested in new cameras, computers, software, lighting, tripods and more.

Doing so isn’t just good for your business, it also helps your brain because many times your faced with learning new equipment and software. Rick made the switch from Apple’s Final Cut Studio to Adobe’s Production Premium Suite. Re-learning Adobe Premiere and getting confident in After Effects was fun and empowering.

If you really want to invest in doing video well, you need to make sure you have the equipment in order to do so. I’m loving my iPhone for quick videos but as Dave can attest after I shot better videos of him a few weeks ago, it doesn’t compare to a video camera with more control over focus, exposure, lighting and audio.

With some great rebates going on now, you can get incredible cameras for as little as $250. (These Canon rebates expire November 26. Go to B&H to check them out.)

6) Scoring a book deal with a large publisher through social media

Through blogging and really engaging in social media, we landed a book contract with one of the largest publishers in the world! We had tossed around the idea of writing a book and even got around to making a rough outline so imagine how thrilled we were when an editor of Focal Press approached us via Twitter.

We’re writing it now and it is scheduled to be completed in April 2012. When we get approval for our title, we’ll be sharing that with you.

The most important thing I hope you take away from reading our gratitude list is that all of these exciting things that happened to us didn’t occur in a vacuum – they all were a result of taking action and meeting challenges.

So when you are faced with a challenge, don’t take the easy way out. It is often by pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone that we grow, both personally and professionally.

What will you be giving thanks for tomorrow?


Huge Profits With Affiliate Marketing: How To Build An Online Empire By Recommending What You Love – by Connie Ragen Green

Positivity: Groundbreaking Research Reveals How to Embrace the Hidden Strength of Positive Emotions, Overcome Negativity, and Thrive – by Barbara Fredrickson

Dave Sheahan Home Workout System – Check it out and let us know if you have any questions on the program.

Mike Filsaime’s Internet Marketing Cruise

VIP Mastermind Group

B&H Camera Store


Use Video Response To Drive Your Most Viewed YouTube Video Traffic To Your Channel

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Make your most viewed YouTube video work for you via YouTube’s video response function.

In this short tutorial I’ll share with you:

Why you want to increase your viewers for all of your videos on your channel;

Why you should be doing this;

How simple it is to drive traffic to the other videos on your channel;

How you can effectively use the YouTube video response tool to take advantage of other’s highly viewed videos;

What you need to remember to do to make sure you have your most viewed YouTube video working for you.

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