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Video Collaboration Made Easy With PixelFlow

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Video collaboration is a necessity when you’re working with others on a video project. How do you do this when your editor is in the UK, your producer is in California and your director in Chicago?

You need a robust online video exchange tool and at DVExpo, I was introduced to an exciting AND affordable system – PixelFlow.

The great thing is that at the price point, large production studios are not the only ones who can benefit from its features. Independent producers, entrepreneurs, studios, post houses, non-profit enterprises, visual effects labs, animators and THOSE WHO SELL VIDEO OVER THE WEB.

Which means you and I aren’t restricted by hiring or working with professionals and experts in our city, we’re able to collaborate and work with others all over the world!

While at DVExpo, I got to spend some time at the PixelFlow booth. Since we’re working right now on a 40+ video project with our partner and producer in Ireland, securely sharing and reviewing our videos with him online is imperative.

It looks like PixelFlow is a great answer to sharing, reviewing and delivering video online.

In this video, I talk with CEO Patrick Sculley, and you will:

– Be introduced to this web based video collaboration system

– See how they provide their unique cloud based professional video production

– Discover how PixelFlow’s easy to use platform delivers simple, yet highly effective features for entrepreneurs, studios, post houses, enterprises, visual effects labs, animators and those who sell video over the web.

On their website they state, “The essence of PixelFlow is a start to finish customer experience within a single application, from concept to payment and download.”

You can sign up for a free 30 day trial to see if this system works for you. We’re giving it a spin!


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