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Online Video Editor: Take A Look At PixelCut

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Want to make sure that everyone is on the same page regarding the look, feel and content of your video project? Then consider an online video editor that’s easy to learn and use. You can collaborate with associates around the planet with web resolution files of your video. Cool concept, eh?

The good news is that online video editing is available today. It’s another feature of the video collaboration tool, PixelFlow, that I introduced to you last week.

In this video, PixelFlow’s CEO, Patrick Sculley, shares with me how easy it is to use PixelFlow’s online video editor, PixelCut.

He shows you:

How easy it is to add media to your projects

How the drag and drop features work

And how simple it is to share the files among your team

This tool is used by some of the big production houses yet it is very affordable for the smaller video producer. Watch both videos we shot at DVExpo then check them out!


4 Responses to “Online Video Editor: Take A Look At PixelCut”
  1. joe says:

    What would you consider the easiest to learn video editing program.?

    • Kim R Miller says:

      Hi Joe,

      If you’re a Mac user, iMovie is pretty easy and quick to learn plus it’s free if you bought recent operating systems. Now on the PC side, that I really don’t know. I’ve heard good things about Sony Vegas and Sony Movie Maker.

      Our new joint venture partner tried his hand at Sony Movie Maker and I think he found the editing side pretty straightforward but had trouble importing clips from Animoto made movies. Since he was doing this on his own, I don’t know if the problem was an unfamiliarity with the program or something else.


  2. Pixel cut is very efficient video editing tool. Thanks for sharing this information.


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