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Make Money Online with Videos: 3 Great Tips

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Guest Post by Murray Newlands

Hollywood producers make millions, but how do you make money making videos if you don’t even have your foot in the film industry’s door?

After years of experience making online videos, I have some great tips for making money online with videos.

  1. Using videos to generate affiliate revenue

Even though Google has monopolized YouTube link overlay ads, you can still add text boxes containing ads to your own videos. Use these text boxes to direct users to the video’s description.

Then, put an affiliate link into your video’s description and use your overlays to tell users to check out the links in your video’s description. Depending on whether it’s PPC or PPL, you’ll get paid for each click, sale, or lead you generate. If you have a video about, for example, a videogame, you can have an affiliate link to the gamemaker’s site and get paid for everybody who buys a copy after clicking your link.

  1. Putting ads in YouTube videos

Advertisers using official ads have only two options: Text ads and pre-rolled ads, but neither are great for advertisers so there’s a good market for third-party ads.

Users get annoyed by YouTube’s text ads since they block out the video so they get X’d out a lot. Also, the text doesn’t stand out very well.

The only way to put a creative ad on YouTube via official advertising is to get an ad that appears before a video (a pre-roll ad), and those aren’t cheap.

That’s why companies will pay people to put ads directly into their YouTube videos if your channel has a lot of fairly targetable viewers. These ads will be in your video forever because they’re part of the same video, whereas official pre-roll ads are a different video file. The ads can be either banners or video commercials.

  1. Making Money Online via Crowdsourced Video Websites

You can get paid to make web ads, webcasts, and TV commercials from a crowdsourced video website. It works by following the crowdsource business model: A company requests a video on a crowdsourced video website, you submit a video, and get paid if the company uses it. The rates vary but Playkast pays $50. It’s that simple.

The crowdsource model is great for new film developers (such as university students or recent out-of-work grads) because you can do it from home without having any professional connections. It’s a great opportunity to get paid to build your portfolio, make connections, and earn money making videos online.

Some of these tips work for almost everyone but others only work situationally. You’re not likely to get advertisers to buy banner ads in your videos if your channel has a broad audience, like women aged 14 to 65. Conversely, anyone can go to Playkast and get paid to make videos online.

Disclaimer: I work for PlayKast*.

Murray Newlands is an industry-leading digital marketing advisor who works with companies and individuals in building and executing complete digital marketing strategies. A former lawyer, Murray began working in online marketing in 1999 and has worked for numerous industry leaders since that time.

* We just found out about PlayKast and will be researching it further and trying it out for ourselves. Although it is new to us, it is an interesting business model, don’t you think?


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