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iPhone 4s – 5 Video Tools You Must Have

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iPhone 4s – you made a believer out of me!

I’ve been a die hard Apple fan ever since the first Apple II+ rolled out. I bought the “big” 64K model with two floppy disk drives. I felt so empowered by that computer.

Since then I’ve owned 12 Mac computers, not to mention all the ones I bought for my staff when I worked for a university. But I have to admit…I have never owned an iPod (bought one for my son) iPad or iPhone.

No gadgets for me, just computers. In fact, I’ve always been mildly annoyed when I see people glued to their phones in public places.

That is, until last week. Now I get it.

I rolled out of bed Friday (October 14) morning at 5am and was the 5th person in line at our local Verizon store. In a couple of hours I walked away with my very first smartphone – the new iPhone 4s.

As I sat in the car with my proud new possession, I tried to call home and tell Kim about my catch. Then I had to sheepishly go back into the store to find out how to call from the darn thing. (Turned out it wasn’t my ignorance, they needed to reboot the phone. Whew!)

Since then it has been one exciting discovery after another of incredible things the iPhone 4s does (Siri exceeds my expectations). There is a universe of really cool apps and gadgets for it, particularly for taking iPhone video.

I shot this short video from my iPhone 4s to share with you 5 apps and gear you’ll want to get for your iPhone 4s.

Among other things I share with you in this video are:

  • The first video app I downloaded – it will add some really cool effects to your basic iPhone footage;
  • A handy, small adaptor to mount your iPhone 4s to a tripod – as a video producer this $20 is a “must have” in my book;
  • A really affordable way to turn your iPhone into a teleprompter – great for looking and sounding like a polished professional anywhere. I love the fact that you don’t need external power to have a full-fledged teleprompter.
  • The case cover I bought – it’s got the neatest little stabilization function.

Our recommendations (You’ll find more detailed information about these on our iPhone video resources page.)


8mm – Vintage camera effects
Splice – Video editor


Glif – Tripod mount
Sescom microphone cable





5 Responses to “iPhone 4s – 5 Video Tools You Must Have”
  1. Art Speck says:

    Thanks for the timely post Rick, I just got my 1st ever smart phone too, also the 4S. Wow, what a beauty. My 1st app was imovie editor, then a 360 degree camera app, then a torch app, localscope and finally a QR reader, I’m really into QR codes at the moment and even include one as a link at the end of every YouTube video. (username hylonlad)
    Oh, and I just downloaded a free GPS app which I will use tomorrow to take me on a 3 hour journey to the annual Institute of Videography Trade Show and Convention in Coventry.

    • Rick Smith says:


      Thanks for the tip on using your QR code at the end of your YouTube movies! I’m checking out all those apps too. Another for the video is Almost DSLR – gives your iPhone DSLR functionality. Oh, also Evernote.

      What GPS app did you get? I have 3 – one where you can share with other people re: accidents, policemen, etc.

  2. Seth Neal says:

    I recently bought an OWLE Bubo ( ) and really love it.

    Looking for an app like Almost DSLR that works with the iPhone 4S. Any ideas?

    Finally, you should give people an option to subscribe to comments; go to plugins and add new and search for “Subscribe To Comments Reloaded”. 😉

    • Rick Smith says:


      The OWLE Bubo looks awesome. Going to definitely put that on the Christmas list!

      We just got our iPhone and are getting used to it. We download and use Almost DSLR. I know there are many more of those types of apps out there; we’ve not investigated them yet. When we do, we’ll definitely share.

      Thanks for the tip on Subscribe to Comments…for some reason, I thought that was set up for this blog. I’m going to add the plug in now.



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