Sunday, January 21, 2018

Being On Camera: 4 Items You’ll Want On Hand

Being on camera was the topic of a series of videos I shot and shared with you in earlier posts, starting with why you you need to get on camera. In those videos I not only explained the value of being on camera in a promotional video, I also showed you how to get more comfortable doing so.

Besides practicing, using b-roll, and shooting lots of videos, in this final video of that series, I tell you the 4 items I also make sure I have available when I, or my client or talent, get in front of the camera.

You’ll see:

  • How you can get prepared for being on camera and speaking confidently, especially if you aren’t using a teleprompter;
  • What you can do to avoid dry mouth;
  • What product you’ll want to carry with you, man or woman, that will make you look better on camera.

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Also, I would love your comments on any ideas you use when shooting people – or yourself – to get great results. And if there are any other areas along these lined that you’d like me to cover, please suggest those as well.


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