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Panasonic Camcorder Review: The Panasonic AG-AC160

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Panasonic Video Camera Review: The Panasonic AG-AC160

Last week at DV Expo, I was able to get Panasonic’s Jan Crittendon on camera introducing us to the new Panasonic AG-AC160, which was making its debut at the show.

In this video, Jan:

  • Showcases what I think is one of its most attractive features – the lens (trust me, you’ll be impressed!);
  • Explains its really cutting-edge autofocusing capability and why it’s perfect for run and gun shooting;
  • Discusses why it’s like the vaulted AG-AF100 but with a smaller imager;
  • Covers the 4 points of difference between the AG-AC160 and its “little brother,” the AG-AC130, and lastly;
  • Introduces a helpful aid to help you come away with good video – a neat focus assist.

If you’ve been lusting after the Panasonic AG-AF100 but only have a budget in the $3,500 – $5,000 range, the AG-AC130 and the AG-AC160 are well worth a look. I’d sure love to have one of each.

Jan says they’re heading over on the ship as of this post.


9 Responses to “Panasonic Camcorder Review: The Panasonic AG-AC160”
  1. Reid Tillery says:

    Looks like an interesting video, but I could barely hear it. There seem to be sound issues. Thanks for bringing this camera to my attention.

  2. Vaughan says:

    Poorly videoed really.

    Needed a x22 zoom to get in close on the camera.

    Better buy this one! (LOL).

    • Kim R Miller says:


      Thanks for your comments…this was a grab shot because we had a sudden opportunity to get Jan on camera. Used the equipment we had on hand and we had to get in and get out. Hope you found her information useful which was the most important objective to us at the time.

  3. The sound works for me.

    And, no need in my view in an interview like this to see closeups on the camera. You can view all sorts of images in Panasonic on-line brochures.

    Jan does a great job highlighting the products. The video is worth replaying several times.

    I have been drooling over this camera for months. My New Year’s Resolution is to find a way to get either the 130 or the 160.

    • Kim R Miller says:


      I hope you find a way to fulfill your New Year’s Resolution and soon! Would love to see your footage from the camera. One of the ways we “finance” our upgrades is through selling older equipment although it is hard to part with some of them.

      Thanks for the comments and let us know how we can help you in anyway.


  4. Chris Hewitt says:

    Kim and Rick, very interesting. I have a dilemna, the AG-AC160 or the AG-AF100 for wedding shoots? The price difference isn’t an issue. In your opinion, which is the best or better camera for someone like me? Picture quality is more important than bokeh. I’m upgrading from a Sony Z1 set up and edit with Sony Vegas Pro. Your advice is much appreciated.

    • Rick Smith says:


      Either one would be a great camera. If money is no object, you need to look at individual features that match your needs. I always buy as much camera as I can afford without over buying.



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