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How To Shoot A Video Like A Professional With This Simple Trick

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Shooting a video that looks professional doesn’t take rocket science. One trick is to shoot the same scene multiple times. In the film world, this is called shooting more than one “take”.

Once you start to get on camera, you will probably find yourself shooting the same scene more than once and that is actually a good thing.


The more times you do it, you’ll get more practice and you’ll get more comfortable in front of the camera. But there is another reason to plan on shooting the scene more than once, even if you nailed it your first time out.

Whenever we shoot our videos, we purposely shoot more than one take and don’t delete them until after we’ve edited my video. In this video, I share why you don’t want to be so quick to delete all your takes (and no, it doesn’t have to do with making a blooper reel although that may not be such a bad idea in itself!)

I also let you in on a little trick we like to do that will not only cover your flubs but will quickly and easily add a professional quality to your videos.


4 Responses to “How To Shoot A Video Like A Professional With This Simple Trick”
  1. bruce says:

    excellent post and great tips.

    My issue is often that the clients are very conservative and really dislike anything other than the direct on head shot, the shot with the person in the middle. The videos are often done very quickly on topics of the day, you only get to repeat the shot if the person messes up and they don’t get why they should have their head move to the side.

    these are excellent tips though on shoots where I have more control


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