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How To Make Videos More Interesting To Watch – Take This Step

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How to make videos more interesting? Here’s a “step” I suggest.

As I’ve shared before previously, when you’re shooting your video, it’s always a good idea to do more than one take, even if you felt you nailed it the first time. When you do that, change your position in the frame so that you can cut between these takes to add visual interest.

One of my favorite positions is to step to the side of the frame, leaving a lot of space on my left or right. In this video, I explain why I like to do this and what I do with this space.

I also let you in on a fun little trick that will make your videos much more interesting and entertaining to watch. Although this requires more editing, it really is easy and simple to do.

So take a look at this really short video and tell me what you’d do with your extra space.


2 Responses to “How To Make Videos More Interesting To Watch – Take This Step”
  1. Kinlochlassie@hotmail.com says:

    I don’t know, I never put a client in the middle of the frame. I use the rule of 3r’s putting the client either to the left or right of center and generally don’t have them look into the camera. From time to time there may be a situation that requires a direct look into the camera but I try and use more of an interview style with the client looking 10 degrees away from the camera. Comes across far less sales pitchy that way.


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