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Digital Video Expo 2011: Need A Reason To Attend? Here are 3!

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The Digital Video Expo (DV Expo) in Pasadena, California is a week away and if you are thinking of attending or even wondering if you should, here are some reasons to invest your time and money in going to industry events like DV Expo.

If you’ve been following us this past year, you’ve benefited by our reporting from all of the events we’ve been to, National Association Of Broadcasters (NAB ) Show, Streaming Media West, DV Expo 2010, marketing and business bootcamps and our VIP Mastermind Group. We’ve personally received a huge value and boost to our business from going – and a new joint venture partner, Dave Sheahan.

There are definitely more positives than negatives in attending industry conferences, be they live or streaming, like the recent Wedding and Event Videographers Association (WEVA) Conference – but only IF you do it with a PLAN. Make sure you have a clear idea before you sign up and go of how spending your time and hard earned dollars for this specific event will truly help your business.

Here’s what we do when making a decision on which events to attend…

Are you looking for gear?

If your main focus is to research and buy the latest gear to enhance your business, go to the conference website beforehand and see if there will be an exhibit floor and who’ll be exhibiting. Then make a list of the companies you want to see.

If you’ve gone to these types of shows before, you know many exhibitors will be offering show discounts and even giveaways or raffles in exchange for your business information.

(Hint: In the final hours of video shows, many companies will be selling their “swag,” i.e. demo equipment, at drastically reduced prices because they can’t sell them at retail and they don’t want to bring them back with them. You can get some incredible deals on very gently used gear.)

This is one of the main reasons I go to these shows. It’s a wonderful way to research and compare what is new and useful, all under one roof.

Are you looking for a new partner, service or other business connection that will help your business grow?

Events like these are great meeting places of like-minded people and a rich source of leads and connections. So don’t be shy; network like CRAZY. You never know if that person standing over in the corner, waiting for the doors to open, will be the source of an idea that will take your business to the next level or the best business partner you’ll ever find! Go up and introduce yourself to him or her.

Have your “elevator speech” ready but don’t forget to ask them questions about their business then LISTEN to their answers. Don’t be the type of person who is just looking for that next big sale…nothing is more off-putting than meeting someone who seems like they heard what you said but then launches into how they can help you when you know they didn’t even really get what your business is!


In fact, I want you to do something for me right now.

Get out a stack of your business cards and put them in your main travel bag.

Do it.


Don’t worry, I’ll wait.


Okay, you have your business cards in your travel bag for your next trip, right?


Good. Let’s continue…

Are you looking to learn more about your industry, find the latest techniques, software or tricks of the trade?

Exhibitors often have free classes and demos of their products and software on the floor show. If they don’t, make sure you ask the representatives in the booth about their products.

(Hint: Take your video camera and get them on camera. I also bring my voice recorder if they aren’t comfortable with being on camera. Of course, you need to make sure your event allows this. Shooting on the exhibit floor is pretty standard in the video shows I’ve been too. In fact the reps actually love the increased exposure, but there are other venues where they may not let you shoot video footage.)

Consider investing in the special seminars and training offered as well. They may cost more; many times the exhibit passes are free but the additional seminars and programs aren’t. If this is the only way you’ll be able to get access to this training, then the additional investment could be well worth it to your bottom line.

There’s also a lot of fun sponsored parties and events where you can do more networking off the exhibit floor and seminar venues. Go on Twitter and Facebook, search for big exhibitors names or sponsors and see if they are planning something at the event that you can get an invite to.

We’ll be at Digital Video Expo this year so if you’re heading to it, let’s plan to meet up. We’d love to personally meet you. We’d like to get you on camera too!


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