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B-Roll Footage – What It Is And Why You Want To Use It

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Adding “b-roll” footage is a fantastic way to make your videos more interesting. You see b-roll footage used on television every day, particularly in news casts and documentary films. B-roll can make a mundane program special.

If you’re new to video production you may not know what the term b-roll means (although you’ve seen it thousands of times) so in this video I explain what it is and how it it typically used.

I also cover a few fun things you can do with b-roll and how it will make your video better…and it isn’t just because it adds interest.

You don’t have to shoot your own b-roll either. You can find great stock footage for reasonable prices. One of the companies we use and recommend is

There’s also a ton of great footage in the public domain that is free to use. You can find those on sites such as


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