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Matrox MXO2 Mini: Will This Encoder Come To My Rescue?

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The Matrox MXO2 Mini, hardware encoder to the rescue?

If you’ve been following me for the last few months, you know that we’re working on a huge video project with Fitness Guru Dave Sheahan and his home workout system videos. The program consists of actually 44 videos, most of them almost one hour long.

I am loving working with high definition images, however there is a downside with this type of media… the files are gigantic! I bought a new computer with a16 GB of RAM and a 12 Terrabyte hard drive to tackle this monumental project. It uses the latest Thunderbolt technology and has easily kept up with me, streaming 3 tracks of HD footage without a hiccup.

Now we are close to the time to encode about 44 hours of finished videos to put up on the web and also for DVDs. I calculated that it would take hundreds of hours to do that!

So I went to DV Expo last week with the intention of finding an answer to this dilemma.

I think I may have found some relief in the  Matrox MAX technology that implements faster than realtime H.264 encoding .

Check out the video to find out why I’m so excited about it.

Have you found a technology or hardware or software that encodes to MPG2 (DVD) and H.264.MP4 (web delivery)? Please add it to the comment section below. I would appreciate knowing what is out there and our readers would too!

Panasonic Camcorder Review: The Panasonic AG-AC160

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Panasonic Video Camera Review: The Panasonic AG-AC160

Last week at DV Expo, I was able to get Panasonic’s Jan Crittendon on camera introducing us to the new Panasonic AG-AC160, which was making its debut at the show.

In this video, Jan:

  • Showcases what I think is one of its most attractive features – the lens (trust me, you’ll be impressed!);
  • Explains its really cutting-edge autofocusing capability and why it’s perfect for run and gun shooting;
  • Discusses why it’s like the vaulted AG-AF100 but with a smaller imager;
  • Covers the 4 points of difference between the AG-AC160 and its “little brother,” the AG-AC130, and lastly;
  • Introduces a helpful aid to help you come away with good video – a neat focus assist.

If you’ve been lusting after the Panasonic AG-AF100 but only have a budget in the $3,500 – $5,000 range, the AG-AC130 and the AG-AC160 are well worth a look. I’d sure love to have one of each.

Jan says they’re heading over on the ship as of this post.

Networking Your Core Values

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By Chi Chi Okezie

(We’re at DVExpo 2011 today, busy with finding out what’s new and exciting that we can share with you and your business. So today, I’m running a guest post on a topic we’ve been thinking a lot about these days: core values and how to communicate yours to your customers especially in an online marketing business. Next week we return with reports from DVExpo’s exhibit floor…lots of good stuff out there to tell you about!)

Every successful business person can identify their principal core values. It is a part of your purpose and the reason why you are in business. Your core values run parallel with the way you conduct business and how you live your life. Core values are extremely important in constructing the vision and goals for your agendas.

In networking, you can use your core values as a “north star” for development and success. Professionals can map a focus and path to achievement. The core values can also be a compass for providing the right direction for meaningful associations and business growth.

Listed below are ways in which individuals can implement core values into various networking activities.

Net Worth

Core values are not just dormant ideals or beliefs. They are active and can take form and shape in your business. Networkers are encouraged to identify and define their core values as it relates to networking. You can establish principles which are guidelines for building relationships and conducting proper business. Individuals can also find ways to incorporate their core values into their 30 second/elevator pitch.

Core Communication

Besides developing core values and statements, professionals can relay their message to colleagues, friends and clients. A great way to improve communication and build your brand is to clearly explain these values with our business and social community. Incorporate your core values in your marketing, advertising and emailing campaigns. Include them in your messages and even on your business cards. It makes it easier for clients, colleagues and friends to understand and refer your business.

Value Plus

People can gain the most success from joining organizations and groups which are aligned to their core values. Sharing similar interests and beliefs creates trust and loyalty. This type of business or social connection can develop into a long term and beneficial relation. The golden rule still holds true that people want to do business with people they trust, like and respect.

Chi Chi Okezie is owner/producer of SIMPLEnetworking, LLC in Metro-Atlanta, GA. Newly published author of “SIMPLEnetworking: Creating Opportunities… The new form of success!” View excerpts of the book and polish your professional approach:

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