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Web Video: How To Be More Confident On Camera

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You want to shoot web video and you’d like to know how to be more confident on camera? I’m no actor or known personality, but over this last year I have tackled my fear of sounding stupid and stepped in front of the camera to shoot the weekly videos I show on YouTube and here.

Since I have started doing that, we’ve not only seen our business grow, I’ve personally seen a transformation in my own life. I have found my voice, and along with that comes the confidence to share what I know with you. It’s helped me to approach new business associates for joint ventures and close a book deal, catapulting us into a whole different path.

There is one word and mindset I had to diffuse before I was able to do this and if YOU focus less on this, you will see how it will change the way you do business…or at the least make you less freaked out about getting in front of that camera.

There’s a saying out there you’ve probably heard most of your life, “practice makes perfect.” I’d like to take the word “perfect” out and replace it. In this video I tell you why!

Instead, I have a different saying I think is better. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.

I also talk about one of the biggest stumbling blocks you need to get over – and what you can do to help you get over it – so that you will feel more confident (read:  less critical of yourself) in order to share your message and business with the world in one of the most powerful mediums at your disposal.

Then I leave you with an assignment – shoot a video with you on camera before this week is over! Put it on YouTube and then share it with us below.

Take that first step out of your comfort zone.

Recommended Resources:

Having a teleprompter may be what you need to get more confident. Here’s a few suggestions:

ProPrompter for iPhone

See Eye 2 Eye Teleprompter for your web cam

Telmax OS-15 from (this is what we use in our business)


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