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Make A Demo Video To Market Your Product

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A demonstration marketing video is another excellent way to familiarize prospects with your products or services. Providing product-related information will aid them not only after purchase but also to learn more about what it is you can do for them and their problems.

We shot a demo DVD for Howard Products, a manufacturer of wood care products, last year which illustrates this nicely.

Not only do they show this DVD on their site which has drastically reduced the myriad questions they used to answer, but they give them to all of their sales reps for when they are showing prospective outlets how to use them. Home Depot also uses these videos in the aisles next to the wood finishing products.

You may also think about creating demo videos with product placement in mind. Can you develop or partner with another complementary product on a video series that highlights your product and engages your target market? In Howard Products case, they could maybe partner with antique dealers, home improvement outlets, etc., for a win-win promotional campaign.

How can you use the idea of a demo video if you’re selling an information product like a DVD? Think about something within your DVD that may fit the bill. Is your video on fly fishing? Show a demonstration of how to use one particular kind of fly fishing lure. We just finished shooting an home workout exercise series and are planning on using a few of the exercise demonstrations as promotional demo videos.

Whether you do testimonial, informative/educational or demo videos, to make more effective in selling for you, you still need to drive traffic to them. One way is to release related videos at the same time and cross-promote them. This will help you get as many views over a short period of time which will optimize distribution of all of your videos. Your goal is to have your video reach top-viewed status and that increases video views which will lead to more traffic to your site.

So how exactly do marketing videos help you make money besides generating sales? Next week , I’ll talk about other ways online video contributes to profitability.

If you have a great idea for making a successful demo video, please share it below.


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  1. bruce jones says:

    Very nice product demo video. there is a ton of information in this, nicely done


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