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How To Speak On Camera – Why You Don’t Have To Get It Right The First Time

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Knowing how to speak on camera and getting it right isn’t just for professional actors. Do you really think they always nail it on their first try?

You can speak on camera too! And you should.

When you’re shooting your web videos, practice will help you become more confident on camera.

Practicing does more than give your confidence a boost though. In this video, I talk about another way practice makes your videos better.

Since I’ve been on camera more frequently this year, I’ve gotten far more positive comments than negative. It tickles me when someone I know says, “you sound and look so professional.”

There’s a reason I look like more professional. While stepping out of my comfort zone to speak on camera and then spending time practicing has definitely helped, there’s another reason I look and sound more experienced. In this video I tell you what I do and why you don’t have to worry about getting it right your first time out.

Last week, I encouraged YOU to get out of your comfort zone and shoot a video starring YOU! Did you do it? If so, make sure you share your link to your video below.

If not, what is stopping you? We’d like to help you get started.

Recommended Resources:

Having a teleprompter has been a great help to us – and our clients –  in delivering our lines more professionally.  If you think one can help you, here are a few recommendations:

An article on the ProPrompter for the iPhone

See Eye 2 Eye Teleprompter for your web cam

Telmax OS-15 from (this is what we use in our business)


5 Responses to “How To Speak On Camera – Why You Don’t Have To Get It Right The First Time”
  1. Art Speck says:

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the mail. I do have a self promotion video, but I cheated a little.

    My voice is terrible and has a strong Northern England accent to it.

    I am also 73 years old, and don’t want to frighten off my viewer, so this is my compromise to your idea:

    Comments very welcome.

    • Kim R Miller says:

      Hi Art,

      Thanks for including the video! I don’t think you probably wouldn’t frighten off viewers. This is a clever video although I think I would like to hear peppier music. Curious how you did this…was it stock or did you shoot with a model in front of glass? Or no glass?


  2. I made this Moby installation video with a Sony Bloggie (like a Flip Cam). The sound was so bad I did a voiceover but I left the original sound in the background. Anyway it was my first.

    • Kim R Miller says:

      Hi Jack,

      I think this is a great first video! Having a stabilizer would help and that was good you fixed your audio with a voiceover.

      I appreciate you sharing it with us.



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