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How To Speak On Camera – Why You Don’t Have To Get It Right The First Time

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Knowing how to speak on camera and getting it right isn’t just for professional actors. Do you really think they always nail it on their first try?

You can speak on camera too! And you should.

When you’re shooting your web videos, practice will help you become more confident on camera.

Practicing does more than give your confidence a boost though. In this video, I talk about another way practice makes your videos better.

Since I’ve been on camera more frequently this year, I’ve gotten far more positive comments than negative. It tickles me when someone I know says, “you sound and look so professional.”

There’s a reason I look like more professional. While stepping out of my comfort zone to speak on camera and then spending time practicing has definitely helped, there’s another reason I look and sound more experienced. In this video I tell you what I do and why you don’t have to worry about getting it right your first time out.

Last week, I encouraged YOU to get out of your comfort zone and shoot a video starring YOU! Did you do it? If so, make sure you share your link to your video below.

If not, what is stopping you? We’d like to help you get started.

Recommended Resources:

Having a teleprompter has been a great help to us – and our clients –  in delivering our lines more professionally.  If you think one can help you, here are a few recommendations:

An article on the ProPrompter for the iPhone

See Eye 2 Eye Teleprompter for your web cam

Telmax OS-15 from (this is what we use in our business)

Google+ For Businesses: Should You Hold Off Joining?

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Last week I encouraged you to join in on Google+. If you have and dabbled in it a bit, you may be wondering how it can help you with business since the emphasis right now seems to be on personal connecting.

You aren’t mistaken. Google+ is, for the time being at least, discouraging businesses and brands from participating, but not for long. Although no date has been set, they promise they will start offering business profiles by year end.

The good news is that you aren’t currently prohibited from joining as a business even if it’s not  designed for such use just yet. I still think there’s a definite benefit to checking what this platform is all about since I anticipate this will be a serious competitor to Facebook Pages.

Here’s what you can do now:

Get Started!

If you get an invitation from someone, don’t wait until Google officially rolls out branded profiles to create your detailed personal profile and start connecting. At the moment there are 20 million members on Google+ and it’s growing bigger every day.

As Chris Brogan, president of Human Business Works, an online education and community company for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs, recommends in a recent interview, “If you do start participating now, you’ll have an advantage when it comes to “understanding the platform and how to interact with people.”

One of those ways is setting up and organizing your connections in your Circles.

Circles lets you sort your contacts into specific categories, i.e., your parents from your college friends, or business associates from your softball teammates. Then when you post, you can select who will see them.

These act like the Facebook newsfeed, with some features similar to Twitter. But unlike Twitter, you aren’t limited to 140 characters. Your comments are threaded under the original post, like in Facebook.

Fill In Your Details

Before you start using Google+, be sure to fill out your profile in detail. Go ahead and include your title with your company, contact information and a description of your business. You can also include details such as hours of operation and special promotions. You aren’t limited in space like in Twitter. Make sure you include information on why and how a potential client should work with you.

Start Connecting And Sharing

Once you set up your profile, start searching for people to connect with and who you feel will add value to your business. Look for prospects, vendors, current clients as well as thought leaders in your industry. Use a third-party site called where you can look for contacts based on various demographic information that matches your business and the products or service you provide.

Once you connect with people you think are interesting or useful to your business needs, see who they are following in their “circles” By the way, this is a great idea to use on all social media sites.

Once you have some contacts in your circles, start sharing your content. Sparks is a wonderful Google+ feature that collects articles and videos that might be of interest to you and your business and is very easy to use. This feature also enables you to link up with others who share your interests so you can tailor posts and send them to specific groups.

Additional features to get to know that will be incredibly beneficial to businesses and entrepreneurs is Hangouts, where you can start on-screen gatherings and chat live with your contacts and for smartphone users, and Huddles, where you can stay in touch with contacts while on-the-go via group messaging.

So, will you use Google+ when it opens for business? Need an invitation to join? Leave a comment and let us know.

Web Video: How To Be More Confident On Camera

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You want to shoot web video and you’d like to know how to be more confident on camera? I’m no actor or known personality, but over this last year I have tackled my fear of sounding stupid and stepped in front of the camera to shoot the weekly videos I show on YouTube and here.

Since I have started doing that, we’ve not only seen our business grow, I’ve personally seen a transformation in my own life. I have found my voice, and along with that comes the confidence to share what I know with you. It’s helped me to approach new business associates for joint ventures and close a book deal, catapulting us into a whole different path.

There is one word and mindset I had to diffuse before I was able to do this and if YOU focus less on this, you will see how it will change the way you do business…or at the least make you less freaked out about getting in front of that camera.

There’s a saying out there you’ve probably heard most of your life, “practice makes perfect.” I’d like to take the word “perfect” out and replace it. In this video I tell you why!

Instead, I have a different saying I think is better. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.

I also talk about one of the biggest stumbling blocks you need to get over – and what you can do to help you get over it – so that you will feel more confident (read:  less critical of yourself) in order to share your message and business with the world in one of the most powerful mediums at your disposal.

Then I leave you with an assignment – shoot a video with you on camera before this week is over! Put it on YouTube and then share it with us below.

Take that first step out of your comfort zone.

Recommended Resources:

Having a teleprompter may be what you need to get more confident. Here’s a few suggestions:

ProPrompter for iPhone

See Eye 2 Eye Teleprompter for your web cam

Telmax OS-15 from (this is what we use in our business)

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