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Video Marketing: Show ‘Em What You Got

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Informative marketing videos are another powerful use of video in your marketing campaigns.

One of the best ways to gain credibility and show your customers or clients what you know and how you can help them, is to shoot informative or instructional videos. This is also a good strategy to increase traffic to your website because these types of videos are considered by Google as highly valuable content and Google rewards good content with higher page ranking. Higher page ranking leads to more exposure to your site when people are searching in Google.

Spread The Love

You not only want to post these videos on your website, you want to also share them on all the free video sharing sites as you can. These are videos that you want people to send out to their friends. The more they get viewed, the more people you’ve exposed to your products and services.

How To Share

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of shooting this style of video:

1) Provide links back to your main website on your videos.

This should not just be done in the information section of the video sharing site but also in the video itself.

2) Set up a special channel on YouTube for your educational videos.

You can have more than one channel on YouTube and other sites. In fact, having more than one is a good way to drive more traffic to your site (that’s a post for another day.)

Dedicating a channel just for your informative videos is a not just a good way to organize them but also to establish yourself as an authority.

We did this with one of our sites, 10MinutesToPainFree.com. These series of videos not only drive a lot of traffic back to the site but one of the videos is now not only generating sales but also gives us a nice little chunk of Adsense revenue each month.

3) Respond to the comments and use them as ideas for future videos.

Always make a practice to respond to comments. They are also an excellent source of topics for future videos.

When doing that, give credit in your video to the commenter and then send them a message that you are posting a video in response to their comment. They will be tickled and will probably share with their friends and followers which is great for you!

Haven’t a clue as to what information to provide your customers or clients? Why not start by giving tips about your business or product? There is always some simple concept, technique or knowledge you know that you can share. That’s what we do on a weekly basis on our YouTube channel.

So now you see a bit about how you can shoot an educational marketing video. Next post I’ll talk about another style of marketing video you’ll want to consider in your marketing campaign.

What type of educational and informational video do you find works well for your product or service? Please share below. Thanks!

Business Video Marketing: Take Advantage Of Your Vacation

July 26, 2011 by  
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Business video marketing can still happen when you’re on vacation.

Here’s a video I shot while I was on vacation in Key West in June where I talk about how you can come away with marketing videos you can use in your business.

How do you take advantage of your trips, be it vacation or business, in your business video marketing strategy?

A Video Testimonial: Why Is It Important?

July 21, 2011 by  
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A video testimonial or written testimonial…why is it important to get?

Testimonials should always be added to your marketing mix. If you can get them on video, that is even better. Video touches people auditorally, visually and emotionally and is one of the types of marketing videos you should always add to your website and social media strategy.

Relationship building is essential to a sound foundation for a successful marketing plan. To build relationships you need to establish both credibility and expertise. Getting testimonials from loyal customers are critical to turning prospects into future customers.

When it comes down to it, the success of the business depends heavily on word of mouth. Having a testimonial on your website is essentially doing this for your visitors.

Important components to a strong, persuasive testimonial

  • They need to be sincere and from the actual customer.

I know you’ve seen those commercials that seem as though they are customer testimonials only to see the fine print that they are actors. If you have a good product or service, you don’t need paid actors to sell your business, just willing customers.

  • Whenever possible, get a video testimonial.

This is one marketing video you should always try to get. Getting them does depend on how busy your customers or business associates are and how convenient it is for them. With the popularity of smartphones, it shouldn’t be that difficult for a happy customer to shoot you a quick testimonial – all you may need to do is ask them.

If a customer is willing to give you an on camera testimonial but he or she doesn’t have a video camera, here’s one idea I’ve heard of to get it from the person. Send them a camera with a postage paid return envelope back to you. This is a bit of a monetary risk and probably only should be done for those you trust will return the camera to you but think about the return on investment if that testimonial converts to thousands of dollars in business.

  • A testimonial doesn’t always need to come from a customer of yours.

They can also come from people who work with you and doesn’t necessarily have to be connected to just selling your product or service. Showing your business connections and your positive interactions with them is helpful in relationship building as well. Anything you can show to people that you’re company is a great one to work with will help your branding and your bottom line.

Credibility is crucial to business success. The strategic and intelligent use of testimonials, specifically a video testimonial, will go a long way in promoting your business. The more online visibility and positive reputation you have and maintain, the stronger your business will become.

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