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Make Money With Your Videos This 4th Of July

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Next week we celebrate the 4th of July in the U.S. Our neighbors to the north of us will be celebrating Canada Day tomorrow. In France it’s Le Quatorze Juillet (July 14th). It’s a great time for BBQ, fireworks, parades, fun with family and friends…and a great time to capture on video. You’re going to be shooting the festivities anyway, why not make a little money with that footage?

Here are 5 ideas on how to make some money on your summer holiday video:

1) Shoot with the purpose to sell your footage as stock.

Beautiful fireworks displays, flags waving, parades, other celebrations, people dressed in crazy hats and get ups, manning the grill, all of these are great things to shoot. If you do it with the intent to sell, you’re going to want to make it as good as you can so use a stabilizer and get good audio.

Also note: that if you are shooting people and it’s not in a public venue, get their contact information at least so that you can get a model release if you need to. It’s always a good idea to carry some of these around with you in your bag as well. Make sure you have permission to shoot at the location too if your intent is to sell your footage. The agencies will ask for these forms.

One agency we like and use is Pond5.

2) Shoot for your own marketing video for your business.

Maybe you could do a commercial on a 4th of July theme. Maybe you want to do a special sale just for the holiday. If you put some thought into it, you can probably find a way to weave what the holiday means into your marketing message. For example, we sell a DVD on car detailing, so we can talk about how you may want to get your car in good shape before your road trip. Or how to clean up all the gooey goodies your children may consume and spill in your car, the sand being tracked in, etc. after the big holiday festivities.

While doing a marketing video won’t directly lead to money in your pocket right away, filling your website with a lot of videos will increase the likelihood of people engaging with you and staying on your website longer. When that happens, you increase your chances to turn those viewers into customers.

3) Shoot a cute or funny short movie.

Now this idea may seem a little out there but if you love to shoot and tell stories, this would be a fun way to get some passive income coming in. Script out and shoot a funny, entertaining short (around 1 to 2 minutes) movie themed around the holiday…get as many children and animals involved as you can. Then put it on YouTube and start sharing it with all your friends, family and networks and ask them to share it with their networks too so that you increase the potential of it going viral. Besides music videos, some of the most viral videos out there include entertaining skits, cute children and pet shenanigans. It you get tens of thousands of views, YouTube may pick you up as a partner and you can share in ad revenue ad infinitum. We have a couple of videos we’ve had on YouTube over this last year that doubled our Adsense revenue since YouTube picked it up. Get enough of these out there, and it adds up.

Here is one video I just love. What do you think? Want those kind of views?

Just make sure you don’t use any copyrighted material that you don’t have permission to use – photos, footage and music. Oh, and add links back to your website so you’ll get a little traffic action too!

4) Shoot for your own stock footage.

Think about the kind of stock footage you can use in other types of video you’ll be producing down the road that you plan on selling. Since we’ve been producing many horticulture videos, we’re always taking advantage of beautiful landscapes, rural scenes, flora and fauna opportunities. Again, put some care into shooting these well. Then you’ll want to take some time to organize them to make it easier in the future when you’re getting ready to put your video together.

5) Shoot an educational video.

Are you celebrating in a place that has an interesting and largely unknown history? Or is the celebration unique? Consider shooting a little educational video about the uniqueness and history and then sell it as a digital download.

If you are shooting for your business, remember, you also get the added benefit of writing off your expenses.

Enjoy your holiday celebrations, think of ways you can make money with the videos you’ll shoot, and have a great time with your friends and family.


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