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Lavalier Microphone System: Going Wireless

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A lavalier microphone system can be wired or wireless. Wired microphones are wonderful for many situations where freedom of movement is desired, yet they are pricey. Good quality wired mics can be found at reasonable prices. If you’re considering another on-camera microphone option besides a stereo or shotgun system, I definitely recommend adding a wireless lavalier system to your video equipment arsenal.

In this video, I cover wireless mics and why and when you’d want to use it as opposed to a wired microphone.

I’m wearing a Sennheiser EW100ENG which is an older model. We’ve had it for over 5 years.

If you’re looking to invest in a wireless, avoid the cheaper units. They are more likely to experience radio interference and will almost always disappoint you. Plan on spending $500 or more for a really good one.


5 Responses to “Lavalier Microphone System: Going Wireless”
  1. Bill says:

    wireless are great in certain situations. Unfortuantely I have witnessed people who think they need to go out and buy a wireless to tape sit down interviews in a studio situation. That just complicates the job. Something else to beware of when buying a wireless mic is the frequency. The FCC recently banned our use of what is called the 700mHz band as that spectrum was given to other uses. When buying from a reputable US dealer they will know this and it won’t be a problem. But some bargain hunters may find some used units that are no longer “legal” in the US, or new units that would be legal in other countries.

    all that said, I have an older AT unit I use when playing sax with bands. It’s VHF, not the greatest but no worries about legal frequency issues, though it can be more susceptible to interference, but not as much now with the switch to digital television.

    bottom line, use the right tool for the job, and in some situations wireless is the way to go.

  2. Rick says:

    hi Rick/Kim,

    good videos on mics. lots of choices! quick question about your intro. Did you hire someone to do this? I’d like to know who does a good job with short intros at a reasonable price.




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