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iPhone Stabilizer – 3 Options For You When Shooting Video

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iPhone stabilizer for shooting video with your phone – what’s available?

Last week I shared a video we shot at the Tiffen booth at the NAB Show 2011 where I showed you some of the steadicams on the market. One of the coolest new gadgets we tried out was the Smoothee. But what if you have an iPhone or pocket camera and you just want more stability when you hand hold and you’re not looking for that floaty look.

Here are some options for tripod adaptors.

iPhone Glif

The Glif is a tripod mount & stand for your iPhone 4. You can use it on a monopod as well. Prop your iPhone up for hands-free shooting from a flat surface like a table top. It’s small, simple, and you can carry it in your pocket.

Gorilla Pod
Another hands-free option that is really adaptable is the Gorilla Pod for the iPhone. They have them for the 3G and 4G. Although this isn’t a standard tripod that you can extend several feet tall, what is cool about this little piece of gear is that you can move the legs into almost any type of position. You could turn a staircase, fence post, or tree branch into a tripod!

Joby iPhone GorillaPod

Moving Shots
But you want moving shots with your iPhone so you’re just going to hand hold it. You have a pretty steady hand, right?

When hand holding your iPhone, there is far too much side to side movement when shooting even if you think you’re holding it really steady with both hands. It may be okay for a few seconds of footage but if you want something people will watch, you have to steady that shot.

Zacuto, the leading indie camera accessories maker in the professional market has some options you’ll want to check out for hand held shooting and iPhone stabilizers. All work with the iPhone 3G, 3Gs and iPhone 4.

Zgrip iPhone Pro is a completely adjustable, quick releasable handgrip system for shooting professional stable video using the iPhone.

The iPhone snaps into the iPhone cradle, the cradle snaps into the Zacuto Zgrip and voila! you are ready to shoot. The handgrip fully articulates, and all of the red levers allow you to adjust every angle to get those interesting creative smooth shots.

You can add some cool accessories to help you shoot better sound, lighting & for getting those cool high angles. They also have a tripod mount you can add so you can quickly go from your Zgrip iPhone to tripod in seconds, if you so wish.

Zgrip iPhone Jr.

There is also the Zgrip iPhone Jr. that has many of the same features of its big brother, the Zgrip iPhone Pro minus the adjustability.

One nice feature that the Zgrip iPhone Jr has that the PRO version doesn’t come with is a thread on the bottom so you can mount it to a tripod at no additional cost. It also has a ¼ 20” thread on the top for mounting accessories such as a light.

Zacuto’s latest iPhone Point’ n’ Shoot offers everything that the Zgrip iPhone Pro and Jr. has with one added feature: you can easily make this rig small and compact by sliding the cradle off the handgrip making it nice and portable – you aren’t able to disconnect the holder from the handgrip on the other two models. To get started, simply press any iPhone into the grips and snap back onto the handgrip to allow quick stable shooting instantly.

Some pretty cool iPhone stabilizer stuff for iPhone shooters, you think?


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  1. rustyzane says:

    I have a problem that perhaps someone else might have an answer for. I have an IMac which I love, but I have a droid phone (a Samsung Fascinate), which I also love. It takes lovely HD video. However, I found soon after that I cannot upload my droid phone video to my mac. I finally found an answer through my verizon outlet that I needed to add a Windows Media Player to my mac. It worked for a while. Then I got a Flip HD video camera, which I also love. (Yes, love can multiply!) When I plugged it into my computer, it overwrote my WMP with its own version, and now I’m back to square one. I’ve tried e-mailing it, using Dropbox, uploading it to YouTube first, etc. Nothing works. I can get the sound, but no video. Does anybody have a solution, other than giving up my droid for an iPhone, or ditching my Flip and going back? Am I being too greedy?

  2. eiraSYS says:

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  3. eSYS says:

    iStability is a new iPhone 4S stabilizer for steady and smooth HD video shots.
    iStability Control is the new innovative version of the stabilizer and is ready to be launched to public in few weeks.


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