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Get Phonetic And Accelerate Your Final Cut Pro Editing Workflow

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Search your footage using Get Phonetic

On the last day of the NAB Show 2011, we stumbled upon some small booths tucked away in one of the big halls and found a little gold mine of really cool editing software that works with your audio tracks, like PluralEyes. Right next to that booth was AV3 and the rep was showing off the Get Phonetic software to a couple of rapt individuals. I started watching and I saw something magical…one of my editing requests had been answered!

You see, a few years ago when I got into doing some serious editing for a movie where we had several takes for the same scene, I thought wouldn’t it be cool if I could just search through all of my footage, not just by scrubbing and watching it, but by just entering a word, like I do in Google. What if I could enter in a word that was spoken and find my clip or clips instantly? How much time would that save!

Well there is now a software tool that will do that for Final Cut Pro! It’s Get Phonetic by AV3 Software. Although it’s been out for almost a year, this was the first time it crossed my radar and I’m really glad it did. Even though it’s too late now for that movie edit, it isn’t for our future projects.

It literally transforms the way you locate, edit and organize video footage, taking you beyond manually logged metadata. You still want to take time to log your footage though to make it work best for you. I like to think of this as “editing SEO”, adding solid keywords since it works like a search tool. What’s also cool about it is now you have a way to combine a series of clips around a theme you hadn’t planned on doing when you initially logged your footage, like how news organizations do when they get a new breaking story. If the way you tagged them in your logging process, maybe by date, or the action on the footage doesn’t make it that easy to find, you can run Get Phonetic and search for a relevant word or phrase and “get” right to the footage.

For an example, say that you conduct an interview with a scientist and you want to find the exact spots where he said “global climate change”. You simply type “global climate change” into the search box and Get will find all instances where “global climate change” was said. How fantastic is that?

So you can see how this alone will save you tons of time and that means less editing time spent doing semi-random scrubbing through footage. When editing, saving time is also a huge money saver.

You don’t even have to worry about being a good speller! You can input search terms as they sound, bypassing spelling errors and mismatches with logged metadata. You can find content that already exists within a project, whether it resides in bins, clips, sub-clips, or sequences. You’re also able to “dial in” the accuracy of your search by raising or lowering its threshold for false negative results and save your frequent searches for instant recall.

What’s also a nice feature is that you can try it for 10 days, buy a full license or rent it for 30, 60 or 90 days so there are pricing options on any budget. The full license cost of $249 is not that much when you consider the editing time you will save. I see how easily I can make my investment pay in just one project! Now if you edit on Final Cut Pro, go and get Get Phonetic!

Here’s a YouTube video explaining how the search feature works.


3 Responses to “Get Phonetic And Accelerate Your Final Cut Pro Editing Workflow”
  1. Paul Williscroft says:

    What happened to this product?. Links not longer active

    • Kim R Miller says:


      It looks like AV3 discontinued this product. No one really knows why since it was very popular. Thanks for letting me know that the links weren’t active. I’ve since removed the post to not cause any further confusion.

      Next up…we’ll have to do some digging to see if they have something that will replace this software and post it on our blog.



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