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NAB Show 2011: Interview with Filmmaker and Video Journalist, Thomas Roberts

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NAB Show 2011 wasn’t just about all the cool gear and special programs and announcements. For us at least, one of the best things was the people we met, new acquaintances discovered, old friends found, and the connections we made.

I was able to meet filmmaker Thomas Roberts, in person. Rick met him last summer when he flew back east to shoot for a weekend with Perry Lawrence (formerly of AskMrVideo). He wrote about the experience last September. Although we’d been Tweeting and Facebooking, I had never met Thomas in person. He’s all that Rick said he was and more.

Thomas is a gentleman and very well connected in the independent film industry. I’m sure his positive attitude, marketing savvy and wit have a lot to do with that. Want to know something about the DSLR industry? Ask Thomas; he’s the man! While we were at the NAB Show 2011, he was so kind to take some time out for this short interview. He’s carved out a really interesting and lucrative filmmaking business with the use of social media and had some great insights to share so you’ll definitely want to take a look.

You can connect with Thomas on Twitter at @TRStudios He is truly worth a follow!

Next week…more on the incredible people we met at NAB 2011.


3 Responses to “NAB Show 2011: Interview with Filmmaker and Video Journalist, Thomas Roberts”
  1. Bert Grimm says:

    Great interview, sound and video, well done!! Also very inspiring, thanks for this.


    • Kim R Miller says:

      Thanks, Bert! I’m not yet ready for primetime but I’ll improve. If we do more one-on-one interviews like this, we’ll have to get a different mic. Spent too much time audio tweaking in post. 🙁

      Next one we hope to get up soon is from our friend, Joe Clokey, who is the son of Art Clokey, the creator of Gumby. He’s been in the special interest video publishing business for 30 years. His focus is horticulture videos for ag classrooms. We’ll also get him to talk about his experience producing a television special and trying to get a Gumby movie produced.


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