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Importance Of Networking In Business: My NAB 2011 Experience

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Networking with Filmmaker, Thomas Roberts

The importance of networking in business in action.

As promised, here’s our story about the interesting people we met and connected with at the NAB Show 2011 as a result of social media and business marketing. I also want to share some surprising coincidences – or maybe I have supernatural powers to manifest people.

After posting my article encouraging you to attend industry events such as NAB, one of our subscribers, Art Speck, sent us a note saying that although he wouldn’t be able to attend, two of his associates would be there and would like to meet with us to talk about how we could help each other. Of course we agreed to meet.

On day two of NAB we were fortunate to meet our new friends, Ron Lee and Kevin Cook from the Institute of Videography, a pro-video trade association from the UK. They had  flown in from London to not only check out all the video trends but also see how they can promote their organization in the US.

We knew they were great guys when after I asked what type of video work they did they replied, “Corporate and SIV.” I did a double-take and asked him what he meant by SIV. Kevin replied, “Why Special Interest Videos! That’s what we call them in the UK, what do you call them here?”

I was elated and high-fived him. Funny thing about this, we met them the day we posted an article lamenting the name “Special Interest Videos!”

What fun to meet kindred spirits. Ron then went on to share how he produced and sold a successful historical video of the region where he resides in England. We had a great meeting about the joys and benefits of producing special interest videos. I was a bit surprised to learn that this is a vibrant business in the UK. Are our UK subscribers reading this?

I encourage you to check out their site, especially if you live in the UK and are in the filmmaking/videography field. Even if you aren’t, their site is filed with some really good resources for those looking for industry specific information and also for those wishing to hire videographers.

We also met up with Elinor Actipis of the publishing company, Focal Press, who we had previously connected with on Twitter. We’re talking with Elinor about a possible book project and will be doing guest posts on her new site,, which showcases the latest industry information from working film industry professionals. Elinor has proposed an arrangement whereby the book will cross promote our blog and upcoming video courses, so we regard this as an invaluable connection.

Meeting her was a direct result of something I encourage you to do in Twitter, which is when you are added to someone’s list, thank them with a tweet! (Thomas Roberts, who I featured last week, has built his successful business on Twitter and he shared with us how he did that. So go watch that short video now!)

Lists are such a good way to organize your Twitter connections and if you are added to one, you should be honored. The person who put you on a list felt that your tweets were valuable enough that she or he wanted to follow you more closely. (At least that’s what I do.) We keep telling people to not dismiss Twitter as being a frivolous waste of time. We have had several really good things come out of our Twitter associations.

Wednesday night was the Tweetup under the Eiffel Tower where we met some very smart filmmakers, social media experts, editors and several other professionals in the video industry. One of the ladies there was Kari Rippetoe of Tuvel Communications, a PR firm that promotes NAB. One of her employees had contacted us earlier in the year about helping promote NAB through our blog, which she said she followed.

We didn’t tell Kari who we were but after a few minutes of speaking with her, she suddenly said, “Are you HowToSellYourVideos?” Of course we were flattered that out of the myriads of people she deals with in promoting NAB, she made the connection to us.

The fact that we had this type of recognition from businesses and people all across the spectrum of this industry cemented our feelings that networking through blogging has been a huge boon to our business and has been worth all the time involved.

Serendipitous Moments

Now to answer that question I posed about my manifesting ability…

This Christmas, Rick bought me the book, Manifesting Change by Mike Dooley, and it got me to thinking a lot about how the universe seems to work when you concentrate on something you wish to have happen. Some people refer to this as the power of intention. Well, at NAB, I saw it in action.

On the first day we went to the exhibits around noon. Now picture this, there are 80,000 people in a convention center the size of a small town. Well, we weren’t there twenty minutes before one of our subscribers, Luke Hale, walked up to Rick and introduced himself. Keep in mind, we had never met Luke before, yet although he tweeted us earlier in the week with a quick, “hope to see you there,” we never actually arranged a meeting. The only way he recognized us was from our blog.

Well, I swore I manifested him because just minutes before this happened, I said to Rick, “I highly doubt we’ll run into Luke Hale among this crowd!” Then there he was, walking up to us! I was so shocked, I failed to get any photos or video.

It didn’t stop there. I was on a roll.

Gayla and Rick catch up

After running into Luke, we headed over to the South Hall, another city unto itself, to meet up with a friend of Rick’s he hadn’t seen in almost 40 years, Gayla Rhodes. They were friends before college days and it’s funny that they are now in similar lines of work. Gayla, of Trock Media Solutions, was working in the TVLogic booth and this meeting was pre-arranged.

However after meeting Gayla, I turned around and saw that her booth was directly across from the Grass Valley booth where another Facebook friend, Philip Hinkle, again someone I’ve never met in person, told me he would be. And there he was! I didn’t have to go through the 7 blocks of exhibits to say a quick hello.

It gets even better.

As we were walking out of the hall, I again said to Rick, “Now the last person I need to manifest today is Bob Debbas.” We turned down an aisle a minute later and there he was!

He had flown to the US from Lebanon for a few weeks and was only going to be at NAB that day to do some networking for one of his companies, Trade Booth Displays. We met Bob earlier this year on the Internet cruise in January. Although Bob is an incredibly successful marketer and CEO for many businesses, he isn’t a videographer but is doing video interviews on Because he wants to do it well, he asked us while on the cruise, to help him choose a good camera and teleprompter.

Side note: We’re proud of Bob who has since won the Takreem Award, presented in Qatar, a highly prestigious award similar to the Nobel Peace prize, among arabic countries for work in advancing peace. Bob is interested in pursuing joint venture projects with us, and we certainly want to work with such a successful businessman.

I also found out after I got home that I just missed seeing a friend from my high school days, John Goerner, who is now a filmmaker in Denver, Colorado. He went to a party we were at moments before we left! My magic had seemed to run out!

The message we hope you receive from this long post is that we made all these connections and met so many kindred spirits largely due to our use of social media and because we made the effort to go to a major industry event and connect with people. Rick and I have been doing this in recent years by attending HD Expo, DV Expo West, Streaming Media West, speaker and promoter bootcamps and similar events. We also can’t stress enough how going on the Mike Filsaime’s Marketers Cruise and connecting with people there has helped our business.

It has been well worth our time and expense to do this and we want you to see the importance of networking in business for your success. We have learned so much from these people and made invaluable personal and professional connections. We recommend you take advantage of such opportunities – both online and offline – too.


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