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Video Marketing Basics

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Video Marketing is becoming more and more popular these days by businesses of all sizes that realize the potential and advantage of using video to connect with their target audience. Not only is it realized as an effective and powerful tool, it has the ability to connect you with potentially thousands or potential clients and customers.

Video Marketing Perks

By using strong video marketing techniques you can reignite interest in your website and distinctly enhance your brand. In doing so, you want to produce videos that are brief, appealing, offers a clear message, and grabs the attention of viewers and has a strong call to action.

When brainstorming topics and content for your videos, take care to choose the right keywords and descriptions. By doing so, you allow your videos to work for themselves online. If you create a video that is short, informative, and appealing and you add descriptive tags and keywords that are searched online thousands of times a day, your video will be viewed more and more, receiving positive feedback, which will offer you a higher ranking online. Video marketing is essential in link-building. The more websites you post your links to, the more internet surfers you will attract to your page.

Another tactic is to involve your friends and associates in the process of marketing the videos you create. You can do this by sending them to your Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and other contacts or alternatively, you can utilize the services of an experienced video marketing virtual assistant to upload and promote your videos to the different video sharing sites online.

Many people are put-off of video marketing because they tend to get overwhelmed by what they feel is necessary in putting together a successful video marketing strategy. They wrongly feel they need the best and most expensive equipment to get started. In my experience I’ve found that the most successful online videos have been created by amateurs using simple and inexpensive digital cameras, flip cameras and cell phones. It is not so much the tool used, but the content shared. This means that inexpensive tools are just as effective as pricey ones, provided the video quality is clear and the message strong.

Online marketers can benefit by creating promotional videos, product initiation, personalized greetings and even how-to videos to direct their videos towards a target market and ultimately back to their website or blog.

Why not give video marketing a go? In doing so not only will you be creating a new outlet to express your creativity and expertise, you will also be building your brand and creating unique experiences for your potential customer and clients, brand loyalty and credibility.

Carlana Charles is a Virtual Business Assistant specializing in screencast video creation, video marketing, virtual event planning and social media and Internet marketing. You can learn more about her and her services by visiting

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