Sunday, January 21, 2018

Special Interest Videos – Where Do You Find Them?

Example of one of our Special Interest Videos

As I shared my conundrum last week about what to call our Special Interest Video business, when people find out we produce and sell our own videos, they sometimes look a little perplexed. Their next questions is often, “so you shoot weddings and commercials, right?” No, we don’t.

Then I patiently go on to explain that we produce educational videos such as those you watch in a classroom or “how-to” programs such as cooking, dancing or exercise DVDs, or videos like those you find on the History Channel or Discovery or the Travel channels. I add that special interest videos are based on a specific topic of interest and include such topics as music, documentaries, health and well being, war/military, crafts, as well as comedy and children’s video – also know as “kid vid.” By this time I usually see a light go on and they start to get it.

Then they follow up by asking me, “Where do you sell them?” Many times they also ask how they can finds videos on a particular subject.

Take a search through the Internet or on or eBay, I tell them, and whatever interest or hobby you have there is most likely a DVD out there covering it.

People are surprised to learn that DVDs such as these are a growing business to the tune of over $50 billion dollars in 2011.

Sometimes finding these types of DVDs is difficult even when you search online. The first place I suggest you can find a wide variety is at your local library. You can also check to see what is available at the video store (if your town still has one!) or go online at If you wish to purchase a DVD, has a large selection.

Recently special interest DVD websites are cropping us where you can buy or rent DVDs at reasonable prices. Some of those sites are,, or

Sometimes at these sites you can possibly find rare and collectable DVDs. You could probably even find a VHS copy!

A Google search will also unearth many companies such as ours who are selling DVDs. Check on YouTube as well. Many producers showcase samples of their work there with links back to their sites. (Good marketing idea!)

Search under Special Interest Videos

If you’re looking at sites such as or, the category you wish to search for is Special Interest Videos or just Special Interest. Most sites use these terms. (Hmmm, maybe it isn’t such a bad term after all?)

?Although it may take some searching and research, most likely if you’re interested in a subject, you can find a vidoe on. If not, maybe that is a great niche to be filled by your next video!


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